Barn Raising

I have been bred to appreciate a good barn. My dad has a little obsession with barns- now whenever I see a good barn, I have to take a picture of it for him. It’s kind of a family joke, but he’s proven his obsession to be a beneficial one since he’s designed some amazing barns and buildings influenced by barns.  My parent’s garage looks like one, and then he went and built an actual red barn too right near it to house man toys (tractors, etc) and such.

Side note: He just launched his new website (designed by my brother Sean)- go check it out (including more barns)!

I came across two very different spreads featuring barns and love how they illustrate the wide variety of styles that can be housed inside one! First up is a barn influenced new home by architect Alex Scott Porter in Amagansett, NY.  A mix of vintage materials and modern sleekness it maintains an open, airy feeling while also conjuring up the feeling of a Manhattan loft.

So loving this amazing tub and the gorgeous windows surrounding it!

This “Party Barn” was found in Garden & Gun Magazine and is a classically styled barn (think hunting memorabilia, plaid and tons of wood) but it was built specifically for entertaining! All it needs is a big pool table and TV and you wouldn’t be able to get any man to leave. Ever. I love that they used the bountiful land to not only keep animals, but also their modern sculpture collection!

So sweet. I love them.

I know this is sculpture, but can you imagine being a kid and having this as a fort???

Green Gone Too Far.

My Dad sent me a page torn from a magazine last week with the note “I finally found something for your blog!” Eagerly I scanned the page and immediately started laughing. I thought it was a joke, but it’s not.  Apparently, in production is a handbag, called the Wooly Vagabond, made to carry around plants. Not transport plants, but rather tote plants with you about town as an accessory. I’m all for recycling and saving the planet, but this is just SILLY. The picture of this girl in an art gallery holding her plant purse – I mean, really. If I saw someone doing that I would think they had forgotten to take their meds.

Picture 2

“God, I wish I wasn’t carrying this stupid plant around. It’s impossible to find my lip gloss in here”


“Can you grab the waiter? I think my purse plant needs some water.”


My parents have been looking for a new beach house for a long time. Today my dad sent me this one, in a great area (not disclosing where so no one else goes to look at it!) and I am OBSESSED. It is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. EVER. I want it bad- and I think Dad does to. It’s tiny with a great yard for the pups and just charming as all get out. I told Dad I’d meet him there when he goes to see it.
Merry Christmas to us? :)

Amazing Renovation: Dad’s New Beach House Project

I just HAD to share these pictures before I signed off for the weekend (and nurse myself back to health). This is a beach house renovation that my Dad just finished- all I can say is A-MA-ZING. I can’t wait to see more of this house.

Here it is BEFORE:

They actually used the frame of the old house!

And here it is AFTER:

Street side (notice the lighthouse like detail on the roof?)

Harbor side- porches galore!

The kitchen- notice all the beadboard detail and the sailboats carved in the molding!

A delicious Perrin & Rowe bridge faucet on honed absolute black granite counter tops with a farmers sink made of the same.

Glass subway tile back-splash with special lighting to reduce the glare on the glass. I love the way this mimics sea glass!

Beachy, lovely bathrooms

The little details I obsess about: a Carrera slab seat in the shower. A perfect laundry room.

Beautiful stairs and entry tile work- also love the style of the door!

Great way to hide a TV above a fireplace…

What crappy views, right? :)

Things omitted from the pics- the putting green and shuffleboard court under the deck behind the house, the fact that the screened in porch shown above has big doors that open it right up to the dining area to allow up to 16 people to dine!

I hope I inherited an ounce of Dad’s skills!

Modern History

My dad sends me interesting clippings from time to time about things he sees in his design travels. Today I got an ad from Modern History furniture from him and found some UNBELIEVABLE pieces. Come to find out, they are owned by the same company that owns Somerset Bay, my new favorite (very cheery) furniture line which I posted about a few months back. An abundance of goodies.

I have a thing for buffet tables. Right now I have two in my small dining room while I try to decide which goes into storage for the “next house” or “beach house” (lol). This one is insanely gorgeous, and has the copper wire hatching on the doors like my antique find- except I can guarantee you this one ain’t $75!

These mirrors are both amazing. As is the decaying layered wallpaper background. Score one for the photo stylist.

This trunk is bananas. I love it. Tough yet so sophisticated.