Fall Craftiness: Hydrangea Wreath

My mom sent me a text the other day with this picture saying “Pretty, right?”.  I responded that the hydrangea wreath was, yes, completely gorgeous (especially against her shingled house). Turns out that crafty little Mom of mine made it. I’m not entirely, suprised seeing as she has the green thumb of all green thumbs (recall her gardens HERE).  But this is something so perfect for this time of year- pre-holiday wreath and not all full of Thanksgiving kitsch!


So here’s how you can make one. Cut (or buy) some of those lovely purpley-green hydrangeas out right now and hang them upside down to dry for a few days. Then gather the supplies below:


Cut the stems very short on the hydrangeas.  Wrap the wreath form in the burlap ribbon, securing the ends with a T-pin. The begin pinning the dried hydrangeas onto the form using a T-pin through the short stem of each bloom. Continue until wreath is covered on front and sides (leave the back exposed- hence the burlap ribbon- so it lays flat on the door or wall you are hanging it on).  Spray the flowers with hairspray to reduce petals falling and keeping everything secure. Voila!

On Point

check me out!

This weekend I picked up a new hobby. Needle pointing.  I was in my favorite local home store, Hudson, the other day and saw these GENIUS iPhone cover kits by AMH Design there. I squealed with delight at the cuteness and picked one up even though I have a Blackberry (it still fits, although a bit snug) and I have never needlepointed in my life.  Once I started I could not stop.  It’s so domesticated of me, no? I spent many hours curled up on my couch with coffee or wine (depending on the time of day) stitching away totally amazed at the addictiveness and calming quality of the repetitive dance of the needle and thread!

Dog tags! Bxter and Ollie should prepare themselves.

Keychains for a quick starter project.

Sweet gift tags would make a fab statement on any package.

Frame Game

I love this image from the new Lonny of this push pin baord made from a vary large ornate antique frame and an interesting fabric.  This one is fabulous because it is SO large a framed painting is even hung ON it. Scale is so important in creating drama like this!

Picture 18 I’d suggest keeping your eyes peeled at flea markets and on eBay for oversize old frames like this (which I have seen at Brimfield in spades). However if you aren’t keen on hunting one down, these bulletin boards have it all done for you- just find a great fabric or even wallpaper and spray mount it to the cork or use small silver tacks to attach around the edge (like nailheads).

il_570xN.201729301 il_570xN.201716067

Ballard makes some great framed bulletin boards, one SUPER large that would be very dramatic! You could paint the frame a bold color and again, add wallpaper or fabric over the cork!

WC111_main WC077_main

They aren’t cork boards, but I found this awesome Etsy vendor who makes these fun chalboards from vintage ornate frames too…. great for a kitchen, office or kids room.

il_570xN.190190780 il_570xN.186876013




Current Obsession: Bryonie Porter

The second I saw these gorgeous wallpapered vintage furniture pieces by Bryonie Porter I fell in love! What a fabulous way to add a punch of print to a room!

blackbirds bluewillow

6c cheyne

turqwillow greyflowers2

8B bluetoile

yellowflowers bluebirds1

flowerbureau greyflowers

Remember this Nina Campell wallpaper from Domino’s spread on Rita Konig’s place?

perroquets rita konig

And how about these great map chests for children’s rooms? Just be sure to hide ALL markers and crayons!

map1 mapchest

Want to attempt this yourself? Here is one guide to applying wallpaper to furniture…and be sure to check out my Etsy store to see my collection of vintage wallpaper that I think would look amazing on a dresser! :)

Making Retail Look Custom

You know this dream project I’m working on? It’s bananas.  And the kitchen reno is underway which will make it UBER-bananas. Well, another element of the it came in last week and I’m delirious with the results.  I wanted a pair of black x-benches with monograms for this space but we didn’t want to spend a fortune. So what I did was order up a pair of black Ballard x-benches along with a couple extra yards of matching fabric.  I took the extra fabric to a  local monogram shop and had them done up in a very Adler-esque chain frame style and then had an upholsterer redo the tops of them (and use some white fabric to pipe the edges). TA-DA!(Pardon the crappy Blackberry pic)


They look super expensive and custom made, no?