Gone to the Dogs.

If you know me at all, in “real life” or via this blog and my many social media accounts, you know I am obsessed with my dogs. And not just in a “aren’t my dogs great” kinda way, but in a “we bought our house mainly so our dogs would have a yard and be happier” kinda way. Baxter, the black pure bred Havanese, happens to be very smart, handsome and insane and Oliver, a Petfinder rescue and apparently a Havanese/ Bichon mix, is the sweetest, most chill guy on the planet.  I love them so much it scares me, because I know this isn’t forever. I’ve never experienced losing a dog as my parent’s first dog, Tucker the Schnoodle,  is 13 and still kickin’ (although deaf, half blind and quite lumpy now.) I would have 10 dogs if I could, I’d rescue every sweet little soul in a shelter if humanely possible.  I donate to animal causes as often as I can for this reason (another one of my favorites is The Gentle Barn). My heart just overflows for these furry little ones.

So when I heard about Ralph Lauren’s Dog Walk campaign I was thrilled and wanted to support it.  The company produced a little fashion show of fall accessories paired with amazing dog accessories starring shelter dogs alongside the models. And until November 15th 10% of proceeds from selected Dog Walk merchandise goes to the ASPCA and helps promote shelter adoption.


Soooo….. Baxter and Oliver got on board. Andrew refuses to walk them in their AMAZING fair aisle sweaters, but I AM IN LOVE. The shawl collars? The little leather button? The fact that they have leash holes in them (why do so few dog clothing companies do this?!)  Just looks at my handsome boys (squeeeeeeeee!)

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 6.37.24 PM Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 6.37.07 PM

(Ignore Baxter’s pleading stare here. He loves his snuggly sweater. I had chicken chips in my hand that he wanted somethin’ fierce.)

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 6.37.35 PM

Here’s an adorable behind the scenes video of the project (if you like cute puppies this is for you!!!)

And here are my favorite  items that are part of the campaign (and give 10% to the ASPCA):

Can you even stand this barn jacket? Can you? Also, these sunglasses for our long dog walks. LOVE the subtle cat eye.

s7-1035360_lifestyle s7-320868_standard

This raincoat nearly killed me when I saw it. I may have to get them for the boys. And these boots are equally delicious.

s7-1035361_lifestyle s7-1031166_lifestyle

STOP IT with the little collared polo and cable sweater!

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 6.04.40 PM s7-1040521_lifestyle

BAM. These. Yeah I know, I wish.


Another incredible project is a little closer to home and is the product of a collaboration between photographer Li Ward and rescue advocate and entrepreneur Brittany Bang- the book Rescue Pets of Boston. I have blogged about Li’s work before and I think this book is such a magnificent touchstone for those who love animals AND the city of Boston.  I was going to save this for my holiday gift guide, but I couldn’t wait. So pick one up for a dog lover in your life and enjoy the animals, the scenes of our great city (and bits of some interiors too!) In addition, the proceeds from the sale of this book go to supporting a bevy of amazing animal rescue organizations. WIN WIN.


Some interior page sneak peeks!




I always say, the best accessory a home can have is a dog.  They make life so much more fun.  So please consider supporting your local shelter or by purchasing something from either of these projects as a gift this holiday season!

Giveaway: FOUR Polka Dog for Target Gift Baskets!

After posting last week about my beloved Polka Dog Bakery‘s shop for Target launching this week, the fine folks at Target offered up FOUR gift baskets chock full of the goodies being sold in the shop up for grabs for my dog lovin’ readers! Man, Bax and Ollie would be delighted to get all this swag! Leave a comment about your dog below and be entered to be one of four winners!!!

Polka Dog for Target

Oliver and Baxter can both be totally unconscious, sound asleep a whole floor above me and if I even whisper “who wants to go to Polka Dog?” the two of them will come careening down the stairs tails wagging and will bark at me until we are out the door. That is how addicted my two little crackheads are to our neighborhood doggy store.  So when I heard that they were being included in Target’s “Shops at Target” line-up I was SO happy for them (watch Rob and Deb’s preview video here)! I love that they are promoting and supporting such wonderful small businesses and as a die-hard lover of Boston I had to give them a shout out!

This was Oliver in there this weekend doing his shopping…

I mean, what dog wouldn’t be psyched?

Random Goodness.

Sometimes it’s hard to put together a cohesive post. So today I’m going to fill you in on the randomness swimming around in my brain:

Tommy Smythe’s closet is actually IKEA! Shows what paint and some kick ass hardware can do for a space.

When I saw these insanely cute pet pods I couldn’t stop thinking about Cadbury Mini Eggs, my kryptonite and the crack cocaine of candy.

Baxter would straight up KILL for one.

Oh my God, that makes me hungry. And I bet those bad boys are on sale now post Easter! :)

This font, Vermandois is BANANAS good. I love me a good handwritten font. This is the best I’ve seen to date!

This custom silhouette return address stamp is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

A cheaper, daintier alternative to the amazing Hicks pendant seen all over the design world…

I’ve been seriously parched this season. My skin, that is. I feel like I need to re-apply moisturizer right after I’ve just finished applying it. Annoying. So I finally caved and went back to the only one that actually works all day.  Hype usually falls flat, but not in La Mer’s case.

Just ordered one of Rikshaw Designs kurtas for summer. I love them paired with skinny bright colored denim. Easy peasy.

This double vanity is sleek, pretty and CHEAP- under $400!!!

LOVING this adorable animal wallpaper for a child’s room!