Yuppie Nightmare.

I just ordered this fab poeacoat from J.Crew (20% off outerwear today!).  I am so excited to go back to my preppy roots and wear this jacket all fall with yummy boots and jeans.  And because I am a total crazy person about my dogs (who are tiny people in dog suits, I swear) I kinda want to get them matching peacoats from Rover Dog (found via The Neo Traditionalist).I am not really a “dogs-in-clothes” type of person but these are so stylish I cannot help myself!!!

Picture 4 il_430xN.171691526

And while i’m at why not finally get myself my dream Burberry trench and them matching ones for the boys too? I love that I live in a dog-centric neighborhood where this would be perfectly normal and not warrant “crazy lady” gawking. Except from Andrew, who would be horrified and probably divorce me.

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Canine Divine


Last week while in Napa we had a great dog sitter stay with our boys at our house.  One who didn’t seem to mind my incessant text messages checking in on my little furballs of love (I have separation anxiety when leaving them to a ridiculous degree).  As I wait for our neighborhood dog hotel to open soon, I covet the images from the hip as heck Sniff Dog Hotel in Portland, Oregon.  How fabulous does this place look for those of the four legged persuasion? Hell, it looks pretty good to me too! The beds, modern graphics, signature dishes, large windowed rooms with flat screen TV’s (I would request they play “Bolt” on a loop since Oliver is always transfixed by it) not to mention the 2,000 square foot indoor play space complete with the Sniff Cafe, where dog owners can enjoy a snack and glass of wine while watching their dogs happily romp (genius award). I’d feel pretty relaxed about leaving them to care for Bax and Ollie (plus fancypants Baxter could get a “pawdicure” at the dog spa. He’s high maintenance like that…) It’s a great example about how the attention to design in a space can really make a person feel a sense of security!

Picture 3


Picture 5

Sniff Dog Hotel 3





Napa Blogging: Frog’s Leap

Yesterday we spent a lovely hour at Frog’s Leap winery– my favorite in Napa Valley.  Not only because I enjoy their wine but because the grounds and buildings are the stuff of Martha Stewart-like dreams but also because of their fierce sense of humor (and the amazing winery dog Abby).  The first time I visited this property years ago I went bezerk over the building- a LEED silver building using reclaimed wood, gorgeous muted (low VOC) paint colors and natural fabrics. If it didn’t cost a bajillion dollars to open a winery I would in a heartbeat after seeing this place.  It’s one of those experiences that makes you rethink your life and aesthetics.  Instead of a sleek modern kitchen, I am now coveting the one in this building with it’s chic country appeal. Instead of busy, shiny city life, organic farming now seems intriguing. (I go through these phases all the time with each now exciting experience….)

Take a peek and promise me you’ll go if you visit Napa!

The building (and my folks):


The main tasting area with a gorgeous huge table and glass doors that open onto an expansive porch (photo does NOT do it justice!)


The fab fab fab stair runner and kitchen I am DYING for. DYYYYYYIIIIINNNNGGG.

fl4 fl3

The library and it’s delicious window treatments

fl5 fl6

More yumminess.

fl7 fl13

Abby (who I want to come back as when I die) and Drooly Cat. He drools. On nice furniture, I might add.

fl9 fl10

Nice furniture, case in point.


The details.

fl14 fl15

Even the rustic outbuildings are perfection (the paint color on that door??? Yes!)

fl16 fl19

Organic wine vines


Organic garden


Ready to go “awwwww”? Abby’s “ball” is a green apple. How cute and country-perfect is that?


Stick a pitchfork in me, ’cause I’m done. Maybe this will become “Elements of Stylish Farming”? :)

Giveaway: Accessories for (Wo)Man’s Best Friend.

I really believe that dogs are the greatest thing on earth.  I love my little furry fellas more than life itself, perhaps a bit too much.  I can be having the absolute worst day possible and then one of them will lay their little head on my lap, or in Baxter’s case actually give me a full on hug, and my stress is immediately diminished.  If I could I’d keep adding new ones to our family collective, but I fear that might make me the “crazy dog lady”.  Having experienced the joy of rescuing a dog (little Oliver was found on Petfinder– his name was Gates for crying out loud, it was destiny), I have a bleeding heart for them. Especially when that damn ASPCA ad comes on with the super sad Sarah McLachlan music and I have to run screaming from the room while covering my eyes or else I burst into full on ugly sobs. And I’m no crier!

Being this much of a dog lover means I love buying my dogs cool stuff. I stop at dressing them in clothes (Halloween being the only exception), but cute dog beds, collars, toys and the like typically find their way into my house on a regular basis.  So when I got wind of this new dog line Blueblood Living and saw their amazing blend of home decor fabrics  with doggie goods I was on cloud nine!  The Greek Key collars and leads? You know how much I love Greek Key anything, so Baxter is now rocking the black and white version which nicely compliments his coloring. :) And the dog beds with Thomas Paul fabrics? Not even fair how cool they are.  And lets not forget the reversible totes, enjoyable for those who don’t have dogs (including Kate Hudson who sports one in her new movie Something Borrowed).

cremsicleproduct fillmoreproduct

MarinaBed KnightsbridgePhoto

martha_tote capri_tote

And guess what? The generous gals at Blueblood are letting me give away one of EACH item to three lucky readers! AND for those who can;t wait, Blueblood is offering EOS readers a 30% off discount until July 15th with the code “ELEMENT” or get 20% off and free shipping for ALL of July with the code “july 4”.  On top of that they are donating a portion of their proceeds to the Greater New Orleans Gulf Oil Spill Fund. To enter please leave a comment with the item you desire and the name of the furry friend who will be the lucky recipient! Winner will be picked on Monday!

Giveaway Item #1: Medium Size Kennedy Collar and Lead (my Oliver rocks this style)


Giveaway Item #2: Small Martha’s Vineyard dog bed (green and white print with light pink sides)


Giveaway Item #3: Santorini Tote, as seen on Kate Hudson!

KateHudsonSantorini-197x300 santorini_tote