Fashion Friday: Holiday Dresses!

(similar plaid skirts here , here and here)

Yup, it’s coming. Very soon. Which means it’s time to start keeping your eyes peeled for holiday outfits– specifically dresses!  The girls in my office suggested the topic for today’s post- so I rounded up dresses both fancy and casual (plus a couple skirts and jumpsuit) to help you find some options fast so you can spend your time on gift shopping and party prepping!

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Fashion Friday: All the Coats.

OK guys, it’s FINALLY gotten cold here in New England (#globalwarming) and it’s time to pull out the coats! Or better yet, invest in a new coat! There are so many great styles out there right now, and so I’ve identified what I see as the biggest trends and picked some fab choices for you. Because where we live we spend like 50% of the year only seeing each other in coats, it’s important to have a few good choices. And so much is on sale it’s the perfect time to treat yo’ self.

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Fashion Friday: Sleepy Style

(not how I look when I sleep)

I really want to be the kind of woman that sleeps in pretty pajamas. I really do. But the past couple years it’s more of a “old promotional t-shirt and saggy pajama pants or briefs” kinda look I’ve been rocking. I do have a couple decent pairs of pajamas (the shorts version of #2 and #4 below) which I like and do wear, but I need to get my pajama act more together. I can’t do anything overtly sexy/strappy because you know, I need to be comfy and not have body parts popping out when I roll over, nor made of un-washable or un-breathable material (always hot when I sleep, I need the room to be like, see-your-breath cold) nor some sort of romper situation that is, while cute, impossible if you get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.  It’s no wonder I tend to sleep in hideous garbage!

So I did a round-up of pretty but PRACTICAL pajamas to motivate me in the sleepwear category.  What do you guys sleep in?

1. // 2. (LOVE this brand) // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. (also avail in pull pajamas) // 8. // 9. // 10. // 11. // 12. // 13. (on sale) // 14. // 15.

Fashion Friday: Pop Up Party!

I’m so excited to share with you guys that my newest collection of designs from M. Flynn has launched this week and to celebrate we’re having a party with some other fun friends! So pop by next Thursday for some sips, snacks and early holiday shopping (or to add things to YOUR holiday list!) My whole collection will be here to try on and shop if you’ve been curious and not able to make it into the South End. (Also you can see our new studio space and shop other awesome stuff….keep reading!) RSVP HERE.

One of my most favorite pieces is this small ball locket…. done spotted with diamonds (above on the invite) or with a diamond bail.  worn on a short or long chain it’s simply awesome.

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Fashion Friday: The Top I Am OBSESSED With!

Last fall and winter I wore this Gap jacquard funnel neck sweatshirt TO DEATH. I have navy and olive versions and anytime it was freezing or I just wanted to feel comfy but cute I wore one. With jeans. With leggings. Everything!  So I was so thrilled when they re-issued them this fall! I already bought black and grey and am thinking about the pink and brown too! I know, it seems crazy but they are 40% off right now and I really love them that much. I was stopped by a woman this week who HAD to know where I got the one I was wearing.

Did I mention they have pockets???  And the perfect tall turtleneck to hide in?

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