House Hunters

One of my favorite things to do when vegging out on the weekend is to watch House Hunters on HGTV for hours.  Not because I love seeing the houses, but rather yelling at the TV over the ridiculous things the couples on the show say and do.  I mean, you’re not going to pick this perfect-for-you house because you don’t like the paint color? And you DO pick the house that’s oh, say, rotten with termites but has granite counter tops??? REALLY? It makes me NUTS and I love it. Andrew and I can be found many a Sunday yelling at or TV “Wrong house, you idiots!!!!” or “Your husband is a jerk, lady! Run!”.  Of course, as many have found out, the show is rigged. They choose couples who are already in escrow on a house and stage two others to “choose from”. So now when I watch I try to figure out which house they already bought and when they are faking it. Regardless, it’s great fun. And I know I’m not alone in my love/hate relationship with the show. This student artist did a HILARIOUS installation of House Hunters quotes painted over old cheesy landscapes. SO TRUE!






Proof the Fashion World Has Gone Mad

First it was shoulder pads. And drop crotch Hammer pants. Then neon (which I’m not opposed to).  All building a case against the sanity of the fashion world and those that rule it. The 80’s were heinous enough the first time around.

But this. This is just NUTS.

Airbrushed sweatshirts from (Balenciaga and Givenchy) are not only back in “fashion” but cost a gazillion dollars??? REALLLLLLLYY????

Hells to the N-O.

Absolutely not. No.

I mean, this whole outfit. What the….

In the words of Liz Lemon, “That’s a dealbreaker, ladies!”

As if these weren’t horrific enough, the little ruffled collar is just a kick in the gut.

Call me “unsophisticated”. but I. Don’t. Get. It.

What’s In My Head

As we start getting quotes for the work needed on our house the inside of my brain is ALLLLLLLLLLLL like this.

(And this only further proves that if Tom Hanks and Chandler Bing had a baby it would be Andrew)

And I bet by about Christmas I’ll be like this:

Gone to the Dogs.

As I mention, last week I was in the Hamptons perusing the antique and home shops with a client.  One afternoon we popped into this fabulous shop Lennegan & Marantz and I nearly keeled over when I saw this.  A linen upholstered, nail head trimmed dog bed! I was all “I need two IMMEDIATELY!” until I saw the price tag ($900….each). I need new nail head trimmed sofas for myself, so the doggies will have to wait (decades) for these…

The next day I was walking through the Hamptons Designer Showhouse and lo and behold, in one bedroom was an ottoman/ dog bed with nail head trim! GENIUS! A pair of these at the foot of a bed for pups to sleep in (although mine would still sleep in bed with me no doubt) would be adorable!

It got me thinking about designer dog beds- and not the creepy kind that look like upholstered headboards complete with duvet and pillows, but rather some that would look amazing in a home. Cue 1st Dibs! Who knew? Granted, they are all exorbitantly expensive, but I still think they are fabulously entertaining! Click the images for links and prepare for your jaw to hit the floor with the prices.

I am DYYYYYYIIING over this lucite and zebra one! The only place my pups lie on a dog bed is at the office and this would be amazing.

For the more country styled home, this iron frame is darling…and horrifically expensive. Do people really buy these?

This bold frame could be refitted with a cushion in no time…. I j’adore it!

I mean, really. Antique gilt wood frame? Circa 1870??? Baxter would feel home here. It’s regal enough for his diva attitude (we’ve likened him to Naomi Campbell and Oliver to Matthew McConaughey in Dazed and Confused).

So very shabby chic. Perfect for a dog’s beach house. :)

More nailheads…except these are from the 19th freakin’ century. Glad to know it’s historically accurate to spoil your dogs rotten like I do.