Rachel Zoe’s Nursery

Apparently ABC Nightline is doing an interview with Rachel Zoe and takes a tour of her baby Skylar’s closet. See the video HERE. Then check in below to see how I would have reacted had I been there…. it’s not the high road, I warn you.

Looking into the HUGE walk in closet:

Skylar’s shoe collection. He can’t even walk.

The main room (I don’t die for this, except for one part).

Checking out specific goodies…

The grand finale of baby overkill….

I know I sound bitter. That’s because I am. :)

Shall I design a nursery for Rachel? I think I shall….. using her beloved Hermes orange as a jump off (and of COURSE using the blanket, she is RACHEL ZOE afterall!)

Crib, ottoman, rocker, changing table, rug, bedding, light, art, bookcase, side table,blanket

and add to it this Missoni for Bugaboostroller accessories set!

No Pressure.

I’ve written about it before, but as I approach 32 this summer the pressure to have a baby is on full press.  There are people I expect to get it from, and those I don’t. Like my random cab driver last night. I shit you not, after leaving dinner with another friend who also does not have a baby yet and just having had the discussion with her about how it’s so annoying to be asked about non stop, I got into a cab and this is how it went:

Me: Hello. I’m going to (my address).

Cabbie: What is a pretty girl like you doing alone on Boylston Street?

Me: Ummmm, getting a cab?

Him: Where is the boyfriend? You must have a boyfriend.

Me: Actually, I have a husband, and he’s home.

Him : Why?

Me: (Annoyed) Because I had a girls night out.

Him: Ooooh that’s not good, can I ask you a personal question?

Me: (thinking I’m on some new psychiatric version of Cash Cab) Uh, I guess so….

Him: How long have you been married?

Me: Five years.

Him: How old are you? 29?

Me: (liking him more now) No I’m 31.

Him: D you have children?

Me: No.

Him: And why don’t you have any children? What, you don’t want them??

Me: (Am I on Sex and the City? This feels like a Sex and the City episode) No, I just don’t think I’m quite ready yet.

Him: You should have children.

Me: (What I wanted to say) Hey THANKS random cabbie for alerting me that I should have children. I hadn’t thought of that!  It’s not like society has already made me feel like  leper for being over 30 and married five years and not having procreated yet. I’ll go home right now and work on it!

(What I really said): Yeah, I know.

Him: Well, here we are. You are very pretty, you really should have kids.

Me: (speechless, is this really happening??)

I just had to share that. Unbelievable. I laughed all the way down the hallway.

Reasons Why Bridesmaids Rocks.

Last weekend I went to see Bridesmaids after hearing SO much hype about it. I was so freakin’ delighted that it actually lived up to all the reviews and comments I’ve read about it.  Here’s my review for those who might be interested (without giving too much away!)

1.) Kristen Wiig is one of the funniest women on the planet. I used to  think I’d want Karen Walker from Will & Grace as my wacky best friend, but Kriten just kicked her butt to the curb. I love her subtle delivery and obvious comfort in her skin. I was doing the ugly “cry-laugh” through the whole film because of her.

2) Kristen’s Outfits- Such cute ensembles of blazers over short dresses, fitted pencil skirts with cute blouses and even sweatshirts that made me go “I need new clothes”. Not over the top either, they kept her look very “real girl” even though her body is amazing and she looks fabulous in anything. I need that striped top, like, yesterday.

3) Nice Guy vs. Cocky Guy – Jon Hamm is so perfect in the role of a total douchebag who is fully aware of how hot he is.  Some of the lines he has are so brutal but so true (kind of like when one of my ex’s told me I was “too fat to be Daisy Duke for Halloween”– yet I kept dating him?!?) But even better than Jon is the unknown (now known- Chris O’Dowd) guy who plays the ADORABLE Irish cop who made the audience go “awwwwwww” like 10 times (including Andrew the guys). He also happened to live in the cutest little bungalow which of course, got me hot and bothered because I’m a Real Estate Nerd like that.

4) The Reality of Female Friendships- I love that this film made it clear that girls can be just as raunchy as guys.  But we also have friendships that run crazy deep- so deep that we get upset when one of us is moving onward and upward (marriage/baby/career) while the other one is perhaps not on the same trajectory.  While Kristen takes it to an extreme, I’m sure quite a few of us have wanted to have an absolute shit fit when someone’s luck seems to be astronomically good and they are changing with it and our lives leave a bit to be desired.  Or you walk into a room and friend looks SO freaking gorgeous that you want to skulk out the back door in your $25 Forever 21 dress and go eat Ben And Jerry’s until you go into a coma. It’s not flattering, but it’s true.

5) The Reality that Life Ain’t Fair– Shit happens. You gamble and lose or maybe wallow in a pity party for yourself longer than you should.  It’s a crapshoot, but you gotta fight for your life because it’s the only one you have. And while the grass may seem greener everywhere you look, that friend who has the loaded husband may never see him because he’s so busy, or the super-mom you know might cry is the closet once a day out of frustration.  You don’t know other people’s stories, you can only work on your own. So once your done wiping away the laughter tears from the plane scene or the bridal store scene, you’ll realize that there are really poignant statements and moments that will stick with you long after you’ve left the movie. Funny AND heartwarming? I can’t remember the last time a film accomplished both with such style.

Just my two cents before the holiday weekend in case you planned on hitting the Cineplex!

Gilt Men Gone Wrong

My friend Frank sent me a link to the Gilt Mens Rick Owens sale and I don’t knwo what’s more flabbergasting- the Anakin Skywalker meets the Volturi meets Trenchcoat Mafia weirdness or the fact that most of this shiz is SOLD OUT (and I cannot even delve into the prices of this stuff).  Mr. Owens cuts a mean leather jacket, I will give him that, but this stuff is hysterical and I cannot believe Gilt is selling it! Can you imagine seeing someone wearing this on the street? I would be all “whhhaaaaaaaaaaatt?!?! Lady Gaga called and said you should stay outta her closet”

My little brother cracked me up with his comment:

“Ugh, the ankle length sweater is on sale now for $499? I feel like a sucker since I bought it for $2100!”

Sometimes, fashion BAFFLES me.

I wonder what these models are thinking…

Nothing is sexier on a man then a knee lenth fitted tee or asymmetrical one shouldered cape. Swoon.