Gift Guide 2012: Stocking Stuffers!

Some fantastic little tidbits to pop in the stockings of those you love this season (no coal for anyone, ok?)

1. These gloves are HILARIOUS and so up my alley!

2. I don’t know about you, but I always need new makeup brushes!

3. iPhone cases with the recipient’s zodiac sign in lots of colors.

4.  Candy colored flats for under $20 a pair? And the soles are striped!

5. Darth Vader flash drive for the nerdy boyfriend/ brother/hubby. :)

6. LOVE these tiny serpent studs!

7. This little leopard pocket umbrella has my name all over it.

8. Mini Fresh sugar lip balms are so delicious- no girl would be bummed to find these in her stocking.

9. A fabulous little suede tassel keychain.

10. This zebra infinity scarf would spice up any outfit!

11. A darling sleep mask reminiscent of the one Audrey wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

12. Pretty matches for the coffee table.

13. Little vintage style jars with chalkboard labels- great for hair accessories and such on the vanity.

14. For the reader- a Penguin book cover for his/her passport!

15. Who doesn’t love Elf? A tee the fella who loves the holiday film.

My Xmas Wish Lists

TO: Santa

Cc: Andrew, Mom, Dad, Secret Admirers


1. DYING for new gold flatware.

2. Have always wanted a copy of this book. Mostly for display.

3. Love these monogrammed night shirts!

4. Adore the fit of the Dream turtleneck— and it’s on SALE now!

5. Can you believe I, of all people, do not own a leopard clutch? I know, it’s ridiculous.

6. Need me some new riding boots.

7. Love the sequin birds on this J.Crew tee. Long story, but reminds me of my maiden name: Tubridy= Two Birdie… nevermind.

8. A big abstract painting for my bedroom.

9. REALLY want a pretty bottle stopper since there is ALWAYS an open bottle of red on our counter.

10. Isn’t this necklace AMAZE? With a simple black dress or top it would make an outfit.

11. I have wanted this lamp FOR-EVER (this probably should be on the next board).

12. My most stylish friend was carrying this tote yesterday on our shoot with a pink monogram added and it is the COOLEST for toting gym stuff around (or samples).

13. Want some big, ridiculous blingy studs in clear or emerald.

14. I need a new weekender bag (because I hate checking my bag)- this one from J. McLaughlin looks really expensive and feels super durable!


1. I saw these Tiffany studs in the catalog and gasped. Something about them is so pretty, funky and simple all at once.

2. These Valentino flats are lady like and bad ass at the same time.

3. CELINE BAG. ALWAYS. FOREVER. Even though it’s SO heavy and would probably cut all circulation off to my arm sending me running for an MRI because I would think I had some horrible ailment thanks to a Web MD self diagnosis. This actually happened to me before and if you didn’t already think I was ridiculous, well…. you’re welcome. (P.S. I would also happily accept the much cheaper Pashli tote, just sayin’)

4. I have decided that the Hermes blanket is akin to asking for a pony your whole childhood.  You know it’s probably not going to happen but you keep asking until one day you grow out of it.

5. Goyard wallet (with an added monogram, of course).

6. I miss my green smoothies. I want a Vitamix for my new kitchen, everyone says they are life changing.

7. A Rick Owens leather jacket. This would never come off my body.

8. I super love this Arteriors light for my dining room (maybe, might be too big, not sure). But it’s one of those pieces that makes a room truly special.

9. Cheetah stair runner like this one from an old Domino (side note: Andrew will never allow this). And another puppy (I would name her Jackie O and the world would all be right).

10. LEONTINE LINENS BEDDING. I would die. And my dogs would get it dirty and then I’d lose my mind.

11. This photograph by Lisa Cueman for above my sofa.  I am in love with her work and have bought it for a client, but this one has my heart.


Gift Guide 2012: Books!

Books are SUCH great gifts (unless you try to give them to my Dad who inevitably has already bought the exact one you have wrapped up).  There are quite a few books I’m keen to get this year, and here are some of my favorites!

Row 1: It’s currently on back-order but I really hope I can snag a copy of the new Miles Redd book– THE decorating book of the season// The much talked about Kate Moss book (she of flawless style) // Grace Coddington’s memoir, I know it’s on every gift guide this year but I really want to read this one! Plus she posted on Facebook once that she liked my blog, which almost gave me a stroke.

Row 2: For the girl obsessed with clothes- Style Book// For the blog reading chef-What Katie Ate// For the girl obsessed with Paris (ME!)

Row 3: For the fella in your life- The Art of Fixing Things– hey, it’ll help get things done around the house// For the bride to be-Vogue Weddings, Brides, Dresses, Designers // For the kids, the new Dave Egger’s version of Where the Wild Things Are with the coolest cover ever!

Row 4: I read this recently and it haunted me for days, it’s so good (but sad)- A Light Between Oceans// Would love this Claiborne Swanson book for my (new) coffee table- American Beauty// This is next up on Andrew’s reading list- Thomas Jefferson- The Art of Power.

Row 5:  For little designers to be-Draw Me A House/  For Audrey addicts, Audrey Hepburn Photographs/ For the stylish Francophile- Parisian Chic (* I want this one too)

Gift Guide 2012: For Her

Of course I would never forget us ladies! A few more gift guides to come including books, stocking stuffers, holiday beauty and my wish list for this year! But onto the laaaaaaaaaaaadies….

1. I really love (and want) a special, applique monogram jewelry case or makeup case from Monogram Goods for traveling.  So lovely and proper.

2. The bracelet we all want if we haven’t got it already. ( I finally broke down and bought it and wear it constantly)

3. I cannot get enough of faux fur in the winter- this snood is adorable, a great color and will go with any of her coats and sweaters.

4. How fabulous are the nail polishes from Ciate.  I love the little bows on the bottles- get a grouping of colors, I personally am liking the coral, burgundy, gold and deep navy.

5. The Sartorialist’s new book to inspire the fashionable friend.

6. I love these chunky gemstone studs from Loren Hope.

7. I don’t think I’ve met a girl who doesn’t like a good striped shirt, so gift this sweater version in navy and white or camel and pink to get on her really good side.

8. Leopard gloves. Love ’em. Want ’em. Awesome gift to spice up boring winter get-ups.

9. Chevron + elephants= HAPPY TIMES. This C Wonder trinket tray is a fab under $50 choice.

10. The beach-going gal would love a couple of these bright Pendelton beach towels.

11. A RYAN GOSLING COLORING BOOK. Do I need to say anything else?

12. Another “if she doesn’t have it she wants it” gift- the Clarisonic. I love mine. Andrew secretly loves mine too. (Not so secret anymore!)

13. I saw these awesome leather minaudieres and fell hard for them. So ladylike and totally glam. IN lots of colors and a calf hair version too.

Gift Guide 2012: For Kids & Pets

The universe (and my ovaries) have decided that it’s only to be Andrew and the dogs for me this Christmas.  And so for now my little muchkins Ollie and Bax ARE my kids- so I chose to lump pets and kids together in this guide. Here are some sweet little treats for little ones of both species. :)

1. How friggin’ awesome is this wee little faux fur vest? When I have a little one you better believe we will have matching ones. :)

2. Oliver is straight up obsessed with squirrels. And Baxter’s best friend in the whole world is a ratty squirrel toy named Smelly.  So I think they would really rock these sweaters, which gave me such a good laugh ( and $9 of each purchase goes to a charity of your choice!)

3.  This mobile is the most stylish, amazing thing ever! I could design a whole nursery around this beauty. A great gift for someone whose expecting and is into design!

4. Don’t have space for a ping pong table? This little set will thrill the kids once you clear off the dining room table or coffee table (and the ball is so light your vases won’t get smashed)

5. I love this rustic rope leash (NEED two for the boys!)

6. Pinhole Press has these fantastic flash cards you can make from your own photos (and a memory game too!) I love that you can teach kids from imagery they recognize from their own life.

7. Adorable books for little ladies- the Henley one’s cover reminds me of “I Married Adventure”, no?  And it’s never too soon to learn about Audrey.

8. Every little girl likes glitter shoes, I’m certain! (I’m, of course, partial to the leopard booties).

9. This striped sweater would look SO handsome on a little fella!!!

10. This fuzzy sheep rocker is both fun and so stylish in a nursery.  Really love it.

11. Pretty sure boys and girls alike would like to play around with this silly glasses set.

12. No more ugly pet beds- these look like stylish sheepskin rugs (which my dogs won’t get off!) They’ll blend right in with any modern decor.