High Gloss Launch Day!

Today is the day that we’ve all been working and waiting for since the idea of High Gloss was born six months ago. Beyond the amazing people, spaces, places and things we worked hard to craft into a unique look and voice, we had the amazing experience of doing so with people we barely knew beyond their blogs, emails and Tweets.  The internet is an amazing thing, folks. Despite it’s penchant to rob hours and hours of our time, keeping our fingers busy with iPhones and Blackberrys and constantly updating social media sites, the internet has given me, for one, everything I have- which now includes High Gloss and the amazing women involved with it whom I can now call friends.  To think that we never would have met, never mind craft a magazine together, had it not been for the magic of the blogosphere is mind boggling!  I for one, have to thank the internet for not only my entire career, but also for meeting many very dear friends in my life and my husband (we practically beta tested Match.com 9 years ago!) To think, I’d probably be bored behind a desk and single if not for good ol’ world wide web! As geeky as it sounds, my life has become so enriched by the experiences I’ve been offered and people that I’ve met through my blog, email, Facebook and Twitter.

Sitting at our pre-launch dinner last night (hosted by our insanely talented entertaining editor Kelley Moore)  I looked around the room at these magnificent, smart, fabulously creative women and thought “wow, how lucky am I to be a part of this?” So cheers to HIgh Gloss, our new readers, my amazing supporters and of course Al Gore, for inventing the internet.

Check back here later this morning for the magazine’s premiere issue!!!!

Announcing High Gloss Magazine!


It’s been months in the works and still many weeks of work ahead of us, but we are so delighted to announce the launch of High Gloss Magazine in January 2011!  It is the concept of editor in chief  La Dolce Vita’s Paloma Contreras and a team of editors composed of myself, Shannon Wollack of life.style, Kyle Knight of Knight Moves, Lauren Rauter of Rock Paper Scissors and art director Ashley Steen of Orchard 11. The idea is to bring you even more of what you love about our blogs and businesses- from interiors, to fashion, entertaining, travel and the stories of interesting, inspirational people in design.  So please check our website, follow us on Twitter and Facebook and sign up so you’ll receive our newsletter which will be coming out weekly until the launch beginning next week! See you in January!!!!