Probably my favorite thing about the holidays is wrapping gifts. Most people dislike this part of the holiday extravaganza, but just like my love of black jelly beans- I enjoy things most people don’t.
This year I was having trouble finding paper that I LOVED. Let me rephrase that, paper the I could afford that I loved. There are many options when it comes to $4-a-sheet goods, but that just isn’t in the tiny Element Interiors funded budget this year. So I did something that will make most designers and antiquarians cringe. In my closet was a sample roll of one of the vintage wallpapers left to my dad by a designer who passed. Paired with some great bold ribbons and gift cards designed by my husband’s mom- voila! I’m loving it!

Dear Santa…

Some of the things I’m lusting after this holiday season….if santa were real and/or publishers clearinghouse came to my door with a couch-sized check. I’d take either.

Lulu DK fabric so i can make pillows for my couches…

A set of Bongenre melamine plates (affordable, actually)

The best patent leather mary janes ever made-perfect size heel to NOT get chewed up by boston’s brick sidewalks- from j.crew.

cute beehive necklace from j.crew. it would just go with everything.

ok, you caught me. i love j.crew. this leaf green bella jacket is YUMMY. i’m a tall-4 in case anyone is wondering… ;)

omnipresent on my birthday/anniversary/x-mas wish lists-the colette bed from crate and barrel. nuala, i am writhing in jealousy.

and to PUT those fab lulu pillows on- two jasper sofas from room & board.

the most coveted, stylish, wear-it-forever women’s watch- Cartier’s Tank Francais.

A Canon Rebel SLR digital camera. I need a fast shutter speed- as you can tell by my not-so-fab pictures on my new site!

Random, but they ARE on my list- equestrian mod andirons for our fireplace from Plow & Hearth!

Oh, and a reoccurring style column in Boston magazine. A editor job at domino. my own store. you know, stocking stuffers.

Gift Guide: For Little Ones

Kids are the most fun to shop for during the holidays! Here are some great gifts for kids of all ages.

LL Bean Polar Flyer sled
Encourage outdoor activity with this great sled from LL Bean made of lightweight materials so dragging it BACK up the hill isn’t a pain!

For older kids, get them thinking creatively with fun cameras from Lomography. The action sampler camera takes four pictures in rapid succession and the fisheye camera makes it look like you are looking through a bubble. They will get excited to see what they produce!
action sampler camera
fisheye camera

Anyone else love the Tina Fey AmEx commercial with her and her daughter having “octopus time”? These little darlings made of recycled sweaters are too cute to resist.

Chic AND useful! These Candeloo nightlights are perfect for late night bathroom trips and make you smile!

Imagine the hours of giggles you’ll hear from this foam bowling set being used in an empty hallway!
retro foam bowling set

These stroller blankets are gorgeous as a gift for new parents!
fleece stroller blanket

For me, nothing beats a baby in a hat with ears- and this is the cutest one I’ve seen this year!
hat with ears

I can’t believe they still make these kits! I loved using these when I was a kid, and the prints they kids make with them would look great as a framed series on your wall!
Sunprint kit

These dots stick to your walls (don’t worry, they are removable!) so they can doodle on them with chalk. Great kids room wall decor AND fun for the kids!
chalk wall dots

Simple, but so cool. These playground balls come in farm animals and dinosaurs!
print ball

And finally tomorrow, will be the girls gift guide. The largest, most fun one I’ve done! :)

Gift Guide: The Fellas

Ahhh, the boys. Sometimes easy, sometimes difficult to shop for.

Digital classic camera
This camera, by Leica, has to old-school good looks of the past, with the technology of the future. So small it fits in your palm, but with a large digital screen and a fast shutterspeed, it’s perfect for the new dad, old dad or aspiring shutterbug. I actually want one!

funny money clip
Such a great reminder for your big business guy who can get caught up in the day to day stress of a 9-5.

ballpark cufflinks

A splurge for the sports nut! Made of wood from actual seats from his favorite stadium. Fenway is probably a bestseller.

shower microphone and radio
For those of us with American Idol worthy singers for husbands (ahem!), a funny stocking stuffer pairing so he can get his Bono on in the shower.

valet tray
A need for ALL guys! A lovely leather, monogrammable valet try with cord openings for all his chargers and catchall space for change, keys, wallet- you name it!

Best. Video game. Ever. You’ll fight for turns.
Enough said.
guitar hero 3

team mouse
Let him show his team spirit at the office with a team logo mouse! (Go Huskies.)

doggie driver
For man’s best friend AND your man- the dog gets exercise and he gets to practice his golf swing! A win/win!

Nike runner’s gift pack
Fantastic gift pack with a new iPod Nano, $100 Nike giftcard and $30 Itunes gift card.

Enlightened Bracketologist: The Final Four of Everything
March Madness for the thinking man!

On trees and activated charcoal….

Well, despite the drama of yesterday, our tree went up and was decorated. I went with a chartreuse and bronze theme (plus the addition of ornaments from years past). It looks lovely. And my Ballard Designs stockings look smashing and even match!

And Baxter is doing fine after some recovery time and a VERY watchful Mommy. This is my “I-am-so-sorry-I-inadvertently-tried-to-kill-you” face. Someone is going to get LOTS of presents for Christmas.
Poor muppet.