HB For the Win!

Did you guys see the July/August issue of House Beautiful?? Because you need to, it is so friggin’ good. Not only do I typically love small space issues because the design tends to be concentrated and delicious, but this one has also has such a great variety that I want my house to look like all of them blended together into one amazing decor cocktail (and since it’s like 1,700 square feet it counts as small for sure!)

It would begin with a significant and hefty base of the Erin Martin/Kim Dempster designed beach house from the cover- especially that living room!

Then healthy dose of Stephen Shubel‘s amazing little French inspired cottage- “Marie Antoinette in a t-shirt”- I mean, really, how great is that description???

The perfect mother of all gallery walls from the apartment of designers Bill Brockschmidt and Richard Dragisic stirred in…

A dash of modern glass walls and light from Mark Egerstrom’s Hollywood home…

A spritz of fresh and modern kitchen design complete with artisan island designed by the Brooklyn Home Company…

And the whimsical mix and architectural detail of Zach Motl’s teeny tiny Manhattan studio to top it off…

Ahhhhh, refreshing, no?

Happy 4th!

There’s probably 6 of you reading today due to celebrations, beach days and sleeping in…but regardless, HAPPY 4TH of JULY!

A little red, white and blue in honor of our country!

(strawberries, melted white chocolate and blue sugar…. LOVE this!)

Again, Blair kills it with the red, white and blue.

And in honor, a little kids room I pulled together using today’s palette that happens ot be non- nautical (as most R,W & B rooms are)

Kids Room

Elva Fields: Leading Lady

I was SO excited to be asked by Emily at Elva Fields to take part in her Leading Lady series! I mean, who hasn’t oogled one of her amazing necklaces?  I got to work with her on designing a piece based on an inspiration board I put together!

Here is the board- combining my love of Chanel and Verdura jewels and GOLD (no silver on me these days, except platinum wedding bands!)

And here is the AMAZING necklace that was the outcome!

LOVE the vintage Maltese cross brooch!

Jump over to the Elva Fields blog to see how I styled it!

Clean & Serene

In today’s sea of bright, neon colors I am currently really craving the calm palette of white and black (with a touch of grey or camel). As I plan for a new space (announcement coming soon, I promise) all I can think about it making it calm, clean and serene. Some of my favorite current items in that color way:

tray/flats/white dress/Lee Jofa fabric/chair/ soap dish/ wallpaper/bedding

Some more inspiration via Pinterest (where else?)