Lifestyle Lust: La Tartine Gourmand

As I sat alone in my apartment last night eating a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats for dinner  (pairing it with a nice Sauvignon Blanc, after much deliberation about what wine goes with cereal-repulsive) I stumbled upon the Boston-based food blog La Tartine Gourmand.  It instantly whipped up the lingering dreams I’ve always had of being a fantastic cook / domestic goddess (and caused me to cast a judgmental eye on my choice of dinner). I spent hours clicking my way through her blog, enamored by her stunning photographs of the preparation of meals, the delicious final products and the life that weaves it all together.  How beautiful to combine a picture of a sunny cranberry bog next to a styled photo of a freshly baked upside down cranberry cake, no?  Only someone with effortless French style (she grew up in France-jealous) could make it all look so chic.Her photographs showcase her flawless eye and ability to turn the most simple ingredient or landscape into something impossibly charming.  Style is style, whether it’s food, photos, homes, fashion, dance, whatever.

Someday perhaps I will be the kind of girl who spends a rainy day making gourmet delicacies for my family from fresh farmers market goods served on hand-painted ceramics and fresh linens– but until then I will just visit Bea’s world (and await her cookbook in 2011!)

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Domino? More Like Yahtzee!

I’ve been enamored of Sara Ruffin Costello for a while now- she of Domino creative director fame and this living room- probably the room most associated with her former employer:


Apparently I am ridiculously clueless because I had no idea her husband was my FAVORITE interiors/lifestyle photographer Paul Costello. As if the living room + clever husband wasn’t enough to conjure some lifestyle lust, I then find out their West Village home in on the market– the one with the kitchen that is featured in the Domino book…… for $13 million bucks! Whaaaaaaaaaaat?!?! I still find it baffling and amazing when couples in their mid-thirties own homes with price tags like that. I did the mortgage calculator on that sale price just to amuse myself- and even if you could scrounge up the $2.5 million down payment- your monthly mortgage payment would be about $60,000. Am I the only one whose mind is blown by that number?

Anywhoo- here is the home. My question is…if you lived here, why would you EVER want to leave?

1177618_127697_l 1177618_127725_l



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Picture 1 01bed.large3

1177618_127721_l Wonder if they are selling it furnished? :)

The Sound of Jaws Dropping…

I haven’t been this inspired by a home and a couple in a long time. We’re talking MAJOR lifestyle (and plain ol’ STYLE) lust here. I am nearly speechless in awe of the pure, unadulterated awesomeness of sculptor/ furniture designer Fitzhugh Karol and jewelry designer Lindsey Caleo’s Brooklyn brownstone.  In addition to their individual work they also are part of the family run business The Brooklyn Home Co. which specializes in renovating, you got it, Brooklyn brownstones. Their own project is the crown jewel though.  The bright white space combines natural wood, metal, glass and modern and traditional furniture and accessories in such a  clean but not boring way that I am going to use this space as PERFECT inspiration for my own new home. I am ENAMORED to say the least. I’m surprised that with two such massive talents residing in one space (and in a relationship) that it hasn’t ripped a hole in the space time continuum. Their coolness seems superhuman. Enough of my pontificating….feat your eyes on this….




Picture 5


This barn door from a New Hampshire sheep farm set on tracks SLAYS me. No really, I may die from the awesomeness.



Hugh made this hand carved bed. What a slacker.

Picture 1


Picture 2

Their adorable dog is all, “You know you wanna be me”. I do, puppy. You are one lucky little guy.


Lindsay’s jewelry is incredible too!

Picture 6 Picture 9

Picture 8 Picture 7

I think that’s all my brain can take before it explodes in fits of inspired thinking.

Photos by Emily Gilbert Photography.

I Want To Go To There: Blackberry Farm

img_blackberryfarm_ss3 BlackberryFarm_g1

This began as a post about Elle Decor’s brilliant new website (check it out- even though I didn’t make the cut for their “Blogs We Love” section- humph!) I was cruising about, looking at all the great images and resources when I came upon an image of Blackberry Farm in Tennessee.  I’ve seen this place before a few times in various publications and sites and have always admired the ubiquitous image of a serene row of rocking chairs overlooking a misty valley and thought “Yep, I could totally throw back some vino right there”. The design of the interiors is just as enticing as the exterior imagery though- and that may be what finally gets me down to Tennessee, a place I’ve never thought twice about visiting, truthfully.

Over the weekend though I was chatting with my family about dream jobs and designing and running a B&B/ inn came up.  I totally fantasize about that- and I’d do what Blackberry does so well which is decorate each room uniquely in a different style.  The beauty of small inns is that you have the freedom to do that and I think it would be buckets of fun for me creatively and for guests.  You can take so much inspiration for your own home from viewing places like this!  I’d have an absolute BALL getting to implement all the ideas that keep me up at night! I know running a property and business like that is more than just sunshine and hugs and baking muffins, but I’d like to think I’d be an excellent designer/ cruise director/ yoga teacher/breakfast maker. Anyways, sorry for the digression- without further ado the heart-stoppingly gorgeous images of Blackberry Farm!




blackberry3 blackberry10






4_0_03 4_3_03


If you decide “Hey, this place pretty much rocks and I think I’d like to live here”- you can! Blackberry Farm Living is their new cottage/home community where you can plunk down permanent roots!





And just to round out the perfection that is this award winning bit of heaven- their online shop where you can buy goods from the farm itself or perhaps their exclusive china that is a charming mix of sleek and country….

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So, when are we leaving?

 images via Blackberry Farm and Mr. & Mrs. Smith

A Heavenly Houseboat.

No, I’m not joking. When  saw these images I thought it was some hella cute flat in London.  Come to find out, it’s a houseboat! Author Josie Curran and her boyfriend escaped the busy city life and moved to a river in England within a community of other houseboats. I cannot get over how idyllic this looks! Read about it here. And then can we discuss her insane collection of amazing rugs?

08ol-style-curran-s_597917a 08ol-style-curran-p_597914a



08ol-style-curran-d_597916a 08ol-style-curran-b_597918a

I love the “silence” print above her bed and found it here at Kiss Her….amongst others I adore!

silenceisgoldenframed eternitylargeframed

kissherflpinkLSHR wastenotMAGENTA


And if you like the Kiss needlepoint on her bed, I found it here in Emily Peacock Tapestry’s Etsy shop.

il_430xN.104840348 So last week I wanted to run off to Marrakesh/buy a farmhouse in Maine, yesterday I wanted to move to the country, and today I want to move to a houseboat. Where is this wanderlust coming from?

Oh I know. Stress.  The ultimate motivator to get the hell outta dodge!