Sponsor Welcome: Shades of Light

It is such a thrill for me when I store I have been shopping at my whole design career asks to be a sponsor of this blog. I’ve come so far with this little project (now big project) and having Shades of Light as a sponsor just solidifies that.  As I posted before, they are such a wonderful source for mid-priced (with some high end and very affordable items too)lighting, rugs and accessories.  Here are some more of my absolute MUST haves:

I am freaking out over these suzani backed Louis style chairs! Pop one in an entryway or a couple next to a cafe table in a kitchen or sunroom and people will be so jealous. One of them being me.

I adore these flatweave striped rugs. Sometimes it can be challenging to find an affordable flat weave made of non-outdoor fabric. These are casual but modern and I am pretty sure I’ll be ordering the black one.

Did you know SOL has vintage stuff? oh, they do- including rugs like I was talking about in yesterday’s post! This one in pinks and golds is my idea of heaven!  Paired with this vintage Empire style chandelier I’d be one happy little lady.

Exclusive to SOL are these awesome natural basket chandeliers– do they not scream “BEACH HOUSE”??? That turquoise one is what dreams are made of because it won’t cost you a small fortune.

Again- things I need to have – a pair of those rock crystal lamps next to my bed!!!! OMG, I can barely stand it! And the gooseneck cream lamp at right ain’t nothin’ to turn your nose up at- so classic and elegant but with it’s little lucite base totally hip!

A gorgeous brass swing arm lamp that would perfection next to a bed and this grate sconce that would be fabulous going down a long hallway!

If I ever get to design my own kitchen  think I might have to have three of these brass babies above the window in front of my sink (because that’s what will go down).  And in a small powder room or closet, this lotus ceiling light!

One of my favorite mirror styles of all time- in white and brown leather. A slight not to equestrian style but not in an obvious way.

Be sure to bookmark them as a great source and check out their blog, Inspired Spaces.

Last Night I Dreamt of Paris

I did. It was lovely. I think I was lost somewhere in the Marais and just wandering around. Much better than my more recent dreams of being chased and killed thanks to the book I’m reading. I awoke and felt like looking around at French interiors and remembered that always carefully curated The Paris Apartment boutique.  Chock full of magnificent examples of Parisian style, both old and new. Check out some of these finds!

Lovely lucite chairs blending old style with new materials.

Some days I really think an ornate headboard like this would suit me.

Classic chairs and even more classic stripes.


Double amazeballs.

I am almost blind from the insane beauty of these antique doors!!!!! Can you imagine getting to put these in your home???

Lucite hardware and the coolest little phone there ever was. This out styles my Crackberry by tenfold.

That bench needs a home with me. So do those dining chairs.

A little Marie Antoinette ring tray. J’adore.

I could not love the note from Marilyn preserved in this tray any more! Love her.

Rock On

Yesterday while at the New York Design Center a lovely lady by the name of Katherine came up to me to tell me she loved my blog.  After chatting she then hands me a card for her lighting business, Matthew Studio. As I sit here on the train back to Boston i decided to go on her site thanks to the hella slow Acela WiFi…. and I. JUST. DIED.

I kid you not, I might pass out from the ridiculous beauty of her  lighting and accessories made from gorgeous natural materials like quartz, pyrite, gypsum and malachite. I desperately want to use these in a project and when I make it big time (and buy a place again), my own home.  The clear quartz sconces in a bathroom? Are you KIDDING ME? I just died again thinking about it.

category-imgLg2 category-imgLg

Picture 12 Picture 13

Picture 5 Picture 6

whereToFind floorTable-mainImg

Picture 8 floorTable-mainImg2

They also make custom light fixtures like the dreaming quartz covered sputnik below and jewel like finials!

Picture 11 Picture 10

With items this beautiful, I don’t think I can handle finding out how much they are. But I can remain enamored.