Oh the Irony…

One of the best things to come out of this blog is discovering how much I enjoy writing.   Growing up I never really tried to write, but always felt I had a lot to say.  If you’ve been reading for a while you know that I occasionally post personal essays exposing my  fears and struggles, which prove both therapeutic for myself and according to comments, for some of you too.  To me there is no greater success than hearing from someone that my gut-spilling makes them feel less alone. The essay I wrote (read here) on being an awkward child and my struggles with anorexia and Body Dysmorphic Disorder was by far one of my most popular and personally gratifying.  So I was beside myself with the editors of Ladies Home Journal called and asked to buy the essay for publication.  I could not believe that someone wanted to PAY me for my writing and publish it in one of the biggest women’s magazines in the country! And then it hit me, that mulleted, buck-toothed  middle school photo would be published with it! It’s one thing to have my readers see it, but quite another to imagine it in every supermarket in the US. And it’s there, now, in the June issue of LHJ, probably in your very grocery store.

But funnily enough, that’s not the photo I’m struggling to accept.

It just so happens that I am currently having a really hard time with my BDD. Like, really hard. Since writing the blog post it’s gotten way worse. And it’s so hard to explain and understand, but when life gets pretty stressful I take all that negative energy and channel it into hating my appearance, which happened to coincide recently with a few photo-shoots, exacerbating the issue. Again, it’s a diagnosed mental condition and I have been working with a specialist on it. I know to some it sounds like false modesty and bullshit, but trust me, it is not. I’ve been dealing with this my whole adult life. And when I saw the “new” picture of myself in the magazine I felt panicked. It’s not a good picture of me, even my friends and Andrew have said that it doesn’t even look like me.  For a few days I let my misfiring neurotransmitters sway me into forgetting about how proud I was of the article and instead focus on the picture and not share with you that it’s out.  Which is the exact OPPOSITE of what the article was about and totally a step backwards in learning to not only accept myself but also not place such importance on the exterior.

Then last night I read the story again. And I cried. And I remembered for a moment what it was about and how honored I am to be published and thankful to LHJ for believing in my words and my message. And I took a little of my own advice and am letting you know it’s out. And am using these feelings as yet another tool in working towards healing myself.

So what if it’s not a great picture, I’M PUBLISHED! :)

New Lonny=Genius.

I was SO smitted with the new Lonny when I devoured it last night.  Not to be annoying and regurgitate images and info, I just have to share my favorite images, spaces and products from it! It’s just tooooo good!

Numero uno on my list was the squeal-inducing coverage of Germany’s Heidelberg Suites Hotel.  No surprise, it’s done by the same designer that fashioned my two dream hotels- JK Place and JK Place Capri– but the really interesting part is that this is the first time designer Michele Bonan has OWNED a hotel. I am now dying to go here. DYING.

The hotel’s restaurant is ON A BOAT. ON A FRIGGIN’ BOAT! That looks like this!

Charming much?

A couple images from the hotel’s site of the exterior and roof deck views. Le sigh.

Ok, moving on (even though it’s hard not to just stare at the hotel all day) I love the black and white mixed with natural wood and antique art here:

Ruthie Sommers LA home is too cute for words, full of details we all should study.

Like look at those red wallpapered walls with the trim painted to match and ribbon and nail head trim around the door frame?  Never mind the amazing faux alligator wallcovering in the amazing moody powder room!

I would murder for a little studio like this. Like death row straight up murder.

This might be my favorite image.  The black and white photo mural mixed with the rich leather and vintage Louis trunks is magnificent. I would have added a solid color blanket to the bed- emerald green, most likely.

Another GENIUS application of photo wallpaper! It would feel like waking up on the beach minus the raging hangover that would accompany actually waking up face down in sand dunes (becasue being ragingly drunk would be the only way that would happen).

I am currently obsessed with bedding like this. Jenna Lyons had some similar on her Domino cover and if we end up getting our condo I am going to switch up our bedding (shhh, don’t tell Andrew. He thinks I have a duvet cover addiction that needs a 12 step intervention.)

Love. Pure and simple. Black is the new dark brown.

The dark blue walls with pop of orange and zebra and wood is so very me.

Some great products found through the issue:

RabLab’s rock and gold cheese platters– so much more glam than the popular slate….

Property’s amazing gilded chair

The art of James Nares

The wood and steel combo of the Haute Living side table

Keri Herer’s flower photographs:

A Painterly Perch

First of all, the current issue of Veranda magazine is phenomenal- way to go Dara Caponigro for being the genius you are! Secondly, the work of painter Robert Rea as shown in his own Georgetown home stopped me dead in my tracks. I am in love!  His home is spectacular too- the architecture is the stuff of designer’s dreams.  The decor itself is a bit too traditional for me, I would have decked this place out in a combination of classic antiques and modern statement pieces- but really, who can take their eyes off the art (and the extraordinary light that illuminates it?)

Here are some of Rea’s paintings available through Susan Calloway Fine Art. I just adore his style, his application of the paint and brushstrokes and the color combination he uses. I’d love one someday!

Images via Splendid Sass and Susan Calloway Fine Art

The Best of Rue Issue 2

Bravo to the crew at Rue Magazine for their second issue released yesterday. There were two spaces that absolutely made my knees buckle specifically though- that of Windsor Smith and Kelley Moore.

Windsor Smith is a goddess. Seriously, the woman has such impeccable taste.  Her space feels fun yet restrained, bold yet serene, new yet traditional- a balance very hard to achieve. It may be my new favorite interior!

I love the feeling and mix going on in this room….modern art, vintage rug, lots of white and the mix of black and blue (not a big no-no anymore!)

Picture 8


Picture 9

Picture 10

Banquette with tufting? Check. Audrey photo? Check. Elegant wallpaper? Check.

Picture 11

BEYOND elegant and dramatic. Moody dark blue is a new favorite paint color for dining rooms and small bathrooms.

Picture 12

This room is a bit bright for my taste, but I do not hold it against her. :)

Picture 13

Picture 14

Picture 15

I am still totally obsessed with black cabinets. I will have them someday, mark my words!

Picture 16

As a small business owner with an undone office, the office of Kelley Moore literally made me gasp. I would never stop working if I had an office like this.  This mix of old beams and bricks with sleek accessories and bold color and pattern  is simply STUNNING!

BAM! How freakin’ sweet is this space???

Picture 17

Love this little vignette!

Picture 18

Picture 19

I mean, come on. The awesomeness is palpable.

Picture 20

Picture 21

Does anyone have an empty old warehouse for rent for cheap???

Picture 22

Lonny Anniversary Issue Faves

Over the weekend the newest issue of Lonny “hit the stands” in honor of their one year anniversary.  It’s pretty amazing the impact this new format has had on the publishing/media world and I for one want to send my most heartfelt congrats the Michelle and her team on such a huge success.  This issue was chock full of design stars and interesting tid bits and here are my favorites:

Eddie Ross’s awesome Thanksgiving table in his home- I love deep blue, orange and gold together for this time of year…and those rough beams in his house? J’adore.

lonny2 lonny3

This room by design maven Mary McDonald makes me swoon from the striped ceiling to the chinoiserie wallpaper behind the bed.


Lulu DK‘s home is unsurprisingly bright and artistic- but my favorites are this breakfast nook and wall covered in one of my favorite fabrics of hers!

lonny5 lonny6

I was delighted to see a big spread on the J.K. Place Florence and J.K. Capri, seeing as I blogged about these places mere months ago.  I’ve been trying to decide whether to go to Barcelona or Florence/Rome this spring and this may have just swayed me over the Italian border….


lonny8 lonny9

lonny10 lonny11

Bachelor pads are notoriously hard to make stylish yet not TOO stylish, but Ruthie Sommers did a great job combining sleek masculinity and high end finishes.



LOVE LOVE LOVE this little girls room by Palmer Weiss! Those photos above the beds are genius!


Another genius idea is this air conditioning system disguised as art! There is nothing LESS chic than exposed A/C units in windows.


And the most jaw dropping of them all- Celerie Kemble’s bathroom/closet situation. I can’t even find the words to describe how in love I am with this whole vintage display case/closet/vanity set up done in glossy black. And I see you over there built in shoe rack, don’t think you can sneak by me! I mean, really!?!? This is some sort of design hallucination. Oh wait, there’s more….


…that marble tub right there! Whaaaaaaaaat!? My head just exploded all over my computer in jealous rage. GORGEOUS doesn’t do this room justice.


And just when you didn’t think you could want to be Celerie any more, they hit you int eh face with her roof deck. Need I remind you this is in MANHATTAN? Yep. Ca-ching.