It’s Only Paint.

My nesting urge is reaching far beyond the nursery right now- we had our house re-painted (I think it had been 15 years since it was last done and was peeling in dinner plate sized chunks!)  Now that it’s all fresh and clean, I am thinking I’m going to go bold for this fall/ holiday season and paint my door chartreuse (the color I blogged about recently as being hot for fall!)  I know, the black is nice, but I can always paint it black again when I get sick of it. I’m game for a CHANGE!  Your front door is such an easy, inexpensive place to try something fun.

I tested two Benjamin Moore samples this weekend and am torn between the more yellow, brighter one left and the slightly more muted version at right.

Side note: I hate my walkway and steps but after getting a quote from a mason to redo it in bluestone we are most certainly going to have to wait.


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Our Basement Renovation Project with Lowes!

When we bought our house we were glad that half of the basement was “finished”.  Well, turns out “finished” was using the term lightly. Not truly habitable, we basically use it as a storage space for our crap.  After we got rid of Andrew’s office to make way for our master bathroom- he had to move his desk down there too.  He works from home, so this kinda sucks for him is BIG way.  So when Lowes wanted to partner up to do a basement makeover with me I jumped at the chance (like, frantically scrambled).  With little Baby Gates on the way and visions of piles of toys in my future, I thought this space could make a great den/playroom and office for Andrew.

Turns out we have to build out the walls a bit for proper insulation and wiring (the wiring right now is super shifty and exterior) so it will be a little but smaller than this, but here is our overall plan to make the space usable.  A spot for a sofa (sleeper?) and media center, a small bar area for drinks and stuff and an area for a desk.  Obviously when the baby gets bigger and actually plays down here we’ll add some more storage for toys.   To keep things contained (and quiet) I want to use a cool reclaimed wood barn door on a track to close off the door opening to the room.  We also have to add an egress window into the space to make it legal (since we took out the basement door when we did our first renovation upstairs).
Gates2 1

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“No Regrets” Purchases

When decorating a space you are bound to make mistakes. We all do. We buy things just to fill a space instead of waiting for something we really love or maybe it’s something super trendy that falls out of favor quickly.  Perhaps it’s even a paint color you no longer like seeing everyday that you once were just MAD for.  It’s so common, and designers arenot immune to making purchasing mistakes either!

But then there are things that we say “thank GOODNESS I bought that” about because you still love them years later.  I have a few purchases like that and thought I’d round them up and tell you a little about why I love them so much.  Listening to your gut seems to be a resounding tip when looking at all these decisions together! When I don’t follow my instincts, I tend to waste money on things I don’t love.

So here are my “no regrets” purchases and design decisions:

1.) My leopard stair runner.  This was a bold move and I was nervous that I would tire of it, but I haven’t! At all! Not only do I still love the look of it, the functionality is beyond awesome- it hides absolutely everything and still looks new two years later!

Erin Gates Newton_397 copy

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Guest Room Update Wishes.

I have design ADD. Completely. It’s why I’m good at my job, but also why I redo my own interiors (or WANT to) roughly every 12 months.  Magnifying my “quick to tire” attitude by 1,000  is the fact that all my rooms are published in my book.  After working on the book for so long and staring at the images of the spaces day in and out all last year, I am tired of my own spaces.  Thankfully, none of the big items,  I managed to make solid choices there, but more the small decorative ones.  With Baby Gates on the way, I have an excuse to make over one of my guest rooms, but I’m craving an update to my living room and main guest room (my former master bedroom) ASAP.

New baby, new year, new look.

The easiest one to update would be the guest room- this space:

Erin Gates Newton_008

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Dreaming of A Sunroom.


Interior Design by Spazio Rosso // Photograph by Keller & Keller // Originally published by Boston Home

I know I JUST finished a MAJOR renovation and addition but I can’t help but dream about phase three- much less daunting and expensive (but still expensive, you know what I mean), we hope to turn our sunroom into a family room. We spend SO much time out there in warmer months and really want to have that space to be the place we watch TV and hang out.  This would leave our current living room as a more formal space OR we could turn it into a big formal dining room, which we don’t have.

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