HGTV Green Home

Who wouldn’t want to win a whole house- especially when it’s the HGTV Green Home in Port St. Lucie, Florida? Already decorated and pimped out with all the latest and greatest in green products, all you’d have to do it turn the key (and pay the tax bill- which might be an issue!) Ahhh, never mind the messy details- I’ll be entering every day anyways!

Loving the stripes paired with the white sunburst mirror in the foyer, with just a hint of animal print!

Not a big fan of the living room- looks a bit anemic for a Floridian space…

Loving this vignette with the cane back chair, natural wood table, sleek lamp and classic bust- a great mix of styles and textures!

I love this lounge space- a couple of bright chaises sitting in front of some wine coolers with fantastic throw pillows and Stray Dog Designs lamp? I’d stay here 24/7. Wino alert.

The natural wood ceiling shown here is quite something!

Loving the horse print…

A sleek kitchen

A darling master bedroom (I would have done a more fun rug-Weinrib if money were no object!)

This little girl’s room is so bright and cheery- I love the mix of shades of pink and orange.

If one of you wins, can I please come visit? :)

Golden Globes Fashion Recap

The Golden Globes are my favorite awards show- they move quicker than the Oscars and the actors have way more fun (i.e. get tanked and make funny speeches). But the fashion is the best part, and this year there were a few people that looked stunning, others that seriously disappointed and a handful who really need new stylists!
First, my favorites:
Drew Barrymore seemed like she and Jessica Lange may have dropped a couple tabs of ecstacy before hitting the red carpet, but you can’t deny that dress was STUNNING- wacky bouffant hair and all. Her bracelet as such a killer addition too…

Evan Rachel Wood may have been my favorite of the night- she shed her creepy Dita von Teese copycat look and just shone in her daring black dress. Eva Longoria, as much as I can’t stand her, redefined what “fits like a glove” means. Wowzas.

Tina Fey can do no wrong gin my eyes- funniest woman on the planet. She took quite a risk with that down-to-there drop in the front of her dress- the back was incredible as well!
Mary Louise Parker glowed in her bright cobalt/purple dress- her hair looked lovely too! I was not a fan of all the severely tight updos seen on many of the stars.

Loved Guiliana Rancic’s grey J.Mendel gown, Kate Beckinsale’s drop dead white number (minus the awful hair) and Amy Adam’s frothy Oscar de la Renta.

These stars were an “almost”, but a miss for me:
Cameron looked like she rolled out of bed- the color is great- but the hair and dress are not glam.
Marisa Tomei gets risky points, but ultimately this Oscar de la Renta blouse leaves me feeling like a famous Seinfeld episode.

Eva Mendes did look SO stunning, especially that necklace- but the big bow is just NOT my favorite.
Kate Winslet (whom I worship) was a big disappointment in her matronly frock. She usually kills it and I felt really bored. But Leo looked delightfully handsome!!!

Just plain BAD:
J.Lo tried to reinvent her famous green dress and fails. It looks desperate.
Rennee. Oh Renee, there are no words. I was shocked to find out that this is Carolina Herrera!

What did you all think? Now if I were to have attended the Globe’s I would have worn this deep purple , one shouldered gown I spotted in the window at Neiman’s last weekend- it stopped me dead in my tracks. I have no idea who it’s by and apologize for the crappy picture- but trust me, it would have been a showstopper!!!