New Favorite Wallpaper.

Imperial Trellis? Eh, it’s pretty.

Grasscloth? A classic, you bet.

But if I were going to wallpaper a room right now it would be with these Bruce Weber shots of Robert Pattinson. Yup, I’m jumping deep into teeny bopper mania with both feet (slightly more highbrow seeing as it’s VF not Teen Beat…).  Even if you hate Twilight you cannot deny the beauty of this man.* le sigh*

And get ready for occasional Twilight pop culture digression this month as the release of New Moon approaches (I’m actually going to the first midnight showing- stop laughing).

It’s just GONNA happen, people. My apologies in advance. :)

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Wrong Side of the New Bed

I woke up in a funk.

Even after my first night on my new KING bed- finally, my 5’9″ self, 6’4″ husband and pair of small pups can all have our own SPACE. But the memory foam mattress smelled like chemicals and it kept me up thinking about the potential damage it was doing to my lungs. Yup, real headcase type stuff.

So all day I’ve been an Eeyore. Moping and whining and all “woe is me” with a little rain cloud following me around. Not even yoga pulled me out of it. I just spent a few (like 60) minutes trolling deepy, quote laden blogs like Thresca, where I pulled these lovely pics with quotes from. What is it about quotes that make one feel understood? At least the make ME feel understood.

Anyways, I need to get it together. “Funk” is not a good color on me.

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Oh Yeah, This Is Happening…

Yes, I will dress my dogs for Halloween. Let the comments fly.
Baxter is going to be Darth Vader and Ollie the wise Yoda.
Beats the hell out of the bumble bee costume I forced Bax to wear last year. Which, as you can tell from this picture, did not please him ONE BIT. He was all “Mom, I’m a BOY. This is so not cool”.