Pondering Henry’s Big Boy Room

When I designed Henry’s nursery I purposely took a serene, babyish angle because I knew that his future room (rooms– lets be honest, I’m a designer) would be more bold and boyish.  I also did/ don’t know if I’ll be able to have another baby so I wanted to go all out with the baby-ish look.

Well, now he’s a tiny person with a (vocal) penchant for animals, cars & trucks (tractors and lawnmowers, specifically) and a SERIOUS addiction to Curious George. Oh, and more recently dinosaurs.  So we’ve got a BOY on our hands now, and I feel like I’m going to need (want) to do a new room for him sooner rather than later. So I’ve been scheming. And have settled on a blue and red scheme (mostly because I saw this stripe Farrow & Ball paper go up on Amy Berry’s Instagram and instantly knew I needed to do it for Henry.)  So I’ve been scheming a bit and since one of you suggested I post about this thought I’d flush my ideas out a little further.

So here is where I am on the room. The striped walls and a navy upholstered daybed (made by LivenUp Design) with a trundle for future sleepovers. I’m loving this Peter Dunham star fabric for roman shades.  I love the look of a vintage Heriz rug for the floor in here. It’s tough and hides a lot and looks pretty cool, in my opinion.  I’d keep his changing table since it’s really a dresser and I love it. As well as his big Sharon Montrose lion photograph (because he is very into Lion King). I’d top the dresser with a shiny red Dunes & Duchess lamp.  It’s wood, so it won’t break if it gets pulled over.

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A Modern Rustic Makeover

Now that my house is pretty much done and decorated, I of course have the itch to redecorate. I’m not going to because I just spent so much money on this place (and I do think it looks great), but I can’t help but feel the desire to start switching out a rug here, pillows there…. you know?  In particular, winter always makes me want a more rustic interior.  We get all cozy inside and have fires and it makes me want to whitewash some wood and throw up some farmhouse inspired pendants- I can’t help myself!  This spread from Country Living, showcasing a really awesome interior in that vein, only feeds the flames.  And how I LOVE a good before and after! The owners of this Pennsylvania home happen to be the force behind Acre Creative and looking through their work I was pretty inspired!

This kitchen is a great example of a budget renovation- the cabinets are IKEA!  Love the fresh, white feel with the rustic ceiling and vintage island.


Such a great example of how you can turn something gross into something stunning.


Love this open, bright living room space. Decor-wise, I would have done it a bit differently ( a big linen slipcovered sofa somewhere!) but I adore the mirror and the ceiling!


Look how bland it was before- they added SO much character to it!


Some fun detail shots.

hands-on-education-wall-0913-lgn-1958673 08-hands-on-education-powder-room-0913-lgn-15792818

Love this bedroom, the beamed vaulted ceiling (which I want to do in my new master suite when we do our addition) is so airy and lovely.  And it such a good idea to treat the low wall as an extended headboard by applying a different material to it!


This vintage chair the homeowner covered in sheepskin reminds me SO much of this new West Elm chair I’ve been totally obsessed with since it came out a few weeks ago! I personally would go nuts having to look at the contents of my closet all the time and would probably have added some great curtains to the opening here to close it off.


The before shot. I mean, DAAAAYYYYUMMM.


The showstopper- the bathroom. Just scroll down and see the before and then come back up and let’s discuss…..

YEAH. I mean, it’s pretty awesome.  I have too many issues to feel comfortable showering in the open like that- I don;t need Andrew seeing me shave my legs while he’s brushing his teeth, but I love the idea of a space like this!




This little vintage sink is too cute.


The guest room/ office is so adorable. Love the black walls offset by the white wood ceiling and the curtain separating the bed from the office space is just beyond cute (and smart).


The guest room before- the blew out that wall at right to extend further and create the sleeping nook!


Get the look of their home with some of these ideas!

Photos via Country Living/ Max Kim-Bee

Fall Focused.

I am 100% in fall festive mode, you guys. The perfect October weather, pumpkin flavored everything and coziness at home with fires and good food all make me so deliriously happy.  I used to be a summer girl “in my youth” but now I am a full-fledged fall addict.  Perhaps it’s because we all go into nesting mode and home become so much more important as we spend more hours inside it.  I am so happy to have shot my house for the book last week, because now I can just enjoy it instead of seeing every inch as a “to do” project.

Here are some of what’s on my “fall decor” radar:


Topiaries– The perfect long lasting floral alternative- put a matching pair on a console or bar or a grouping in the center of a dining table.

Gorgeous, simple china– I saw this Wedgewood Intaglio china the other day when scouting for something to use on my table for the shoot. I so wish this was my china! The crisp white simplicity is mixed with fab detail work (including my favorite Greek Key!) If I were going to register for china now it would be this. Or this for something more fancy. In fact, I’d love them mixed!

Striped Taper Candles This just takes my stripe addiction on step further.

Copper Kettle– I bought one for the shoot last week and I cannot bring myself to return it. It just looks TOO good on my stove!

Feather Art– Loving these amazing black and white feather prints from Jayson Home.

Pumpkin Bread– This Williams Sonoma mix is a favorite, because we don’t all have time to bake form scratch and it makes the house smell awesome.

Champagne Coupes– I also bought these for the shoot and kept them. They are just TOO darling and elegant and I plan on drinking lots of champagne when this book is done.

Rustic Wood Napkin Rings– They offset pressed linen and delicate china in such a cool, autumnal way.

Boxwood Wreaths– Faux or real, I adore boxwood wreaths.

Banner Art– This cracked me up as PERFECT holiday family gathering decor. Let’s all let it go, and enjoy the season, right?

Pumpkin Masque– OBSESSED with this masque (the whole line really). It stings a little, but works wonders at brightening and exfoliating (and is ALL NATURAL). We all need to look our best for the holiday season!

Black Forest Candle– The stylist that helped us on the shoot brought this candle to the shoot and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  It’s like the most elegant, non-cloying holiday scent ever. Plus the black container is subtle, dramatic and chic.

Marble and Wood Cutting Board– Awesome if you crave Carrera counters but don’t have them.  And gorgeous even if you do! I love the juxtaposition of stone and wood. Fabulous to serve cheeses on too.







Charleston in Pictures

What can I say about Charleston?  What a charming, darling, GORGEOUS little city! My mom and I got lost in the houses, greenery, gates and streets of every little corner.

This is the place to come if you need incredibly expensive antiques. :)

Everywhere you look there is something stunning.

Popped in South of Market– such a lovely shop.

Someone was setting up for a shower or party at the house at left- it was straight out of Martha Stewart!

I am OBSESSED with half addresses.

Ate at Husk- amazing. The bar is equally so inside!

One of the prettiest graveyards ever- with some INCREDIBLE fonts in ironwork!

I may need to move.

City vs. Suburbs


Currently I find myself faced with the decision of city life versus my own four walls and roof somewhere outside the city.  I have maintained forever that I am more sidewalks than picket fences, until I fell in love with a home a few weeks ago in a suburb a mere 8 miles from downtown Boston where I currently reside.  An old cottage built in 1850 I walked in and immediately imagined my life there (and what wallpaper would grace the entry and rug would run stylishly up the old stairs).  The realtor told us we needed to decide almost immediately if we wanted to make an offer as she already had two withing the first six days on the market (real estate woes have not hit metro Boston from what I can tell).  In one afternoon I had to decide if I was ready for suburban life…without children yet.  I’ve made that decision before and bought a house for life I had not yet decided I wanted and it turned out to be an expensive mistake. A published one that got me lots of business, but a mistake still.

So having an afternoon to make this massive decision left me in serious turmoil in which I flopped and moped about my office whining to my assistant and asking her to make the decision for me. No pressure.  We made an offer, a tentative one, and because we didn’t go in guns a-blazin’, we lost the house to someone else. And in true Erin form, I have been miserably kicking myself ever since.  We’ve looked at other homes, in both the city and suburbs, and I keep comparing them to the dream cottage I missed out on.  But one thing is clear, the suburbs are no longer off the table.  I have been shocked by how charming and interested I am in the possibility of living not right in the heart of things, where I can go two blocks and have a million restaurants and a wine shop where they know my name (probably an issue I should look into.)  But rather having place where I can let my pups run in a yard, and have multiple rooms to decorate, and most importantly STAY PUT for many years instead of constantly thinking about what’s next, and where.  But I’m also scared of the quiet, the rooms that suggest I need to procreate multiple times STAT and the road rage that will flare up probably daily.

It’s a huge decision, and I’m terrible with those. I guess when the time comes to plunk down the ol’ 20% down, I’ll know in my heart whatever decision I make will be the right one.