Terriffic Terrarriums


I have been admiring the fabulous terrariums scattered through one of my favorite local home shops Hudson for months now.  Made by Lyndsay Maver, who works at the shop (hence, Lynzariums), they are a fantastic combination of succulents, mosses, stones, shells (plucked from the sand on beach vacations by Lyndsay herself) and come in various vessel shapes.

lynzarium 015_v5

Lyndsay will also create one in a vessel of your own if you have something particularly awesome- like this large on she did in a vintage trough.


They would make awesome holiday gifts for those in the area (she doesn’t ship them yet!) Just look at her little ornament terrariums! Super sweet. Check out the blog for updates on freshly made items and to contact her for custom orders!

terrariums 10.12.10 004 terrarium 005

medium terrarium

terrariums 12.11.10 016

terrariums 12.11.10 011 DSC_0407

terrariums 12.11.10 057 I now have on on my coffee table and it’s such an adorable and long lasting alternative to flowers!

How Does Your Garden Grow

I saw this awesomely creative garden/potting room from the Shippan Designer Showhouse on Stacy Kustel’s blog and had to share. Designer Victoria Lyon and Robin Horton of Urban Gardens crafted such a  charming, relaxed space for those with a green thumb.  From the greenery wall to the birds on the wall it makes me wish I had a garden to tend to!








This room reminds me that I am still dying to see the new Anthropologie gardening outpost Terrain in PA!

Hello killer signage….




These zinc tags remind me of the room above! They would actually be great as gift tags too this holiday season!


They also sell vertical garden wall containers to create a green wall like the one at the showhouse!


I love these various terrariums! I want some in my house!

HOUS-TERR-42-001001-stndrd-m HOUS-TERR-34-001001-alt03-s-l

How about these gorgeous lights?


And there is no more perfect post than this with which to wish my mom, the ultimate gardener (remember her gardens I showed you here?) a very, very happy 60th birthday! Love you!!!

Green Thumb

I the summer I love how the lines between indoor living and outdoor living are blurred. In California people live this way year round, but in the east it’s a seasonal delicacy that we hoard as long as we can, sitting outside until it’s dark knowing that in mere months there will be snow again. It takes a lot of work and dedication into creating a great outdoor living space because let’s face it, gardening is not for wimps. Andrew and I have been patting ourselves on the back for getting our hydrangea to bloom–and then we spend the weekend at my parent’s house and realize this is not a feat to be celebrated.
I swear, if my mom gets cut she just might bleed Miracle Grow. The woman could pour bleach on plants and they would thank her and grow higher. I did not inherit this “green gene”, sadly.

Gardens can also incorporate accessories! My mom places all sorts of finds in hers- a deer skull she found on a walk (which scared my dad when he came home and found it in a bucket of bleach on the kitchen counter), the little creeping plants she planted in between ever single stone on the patio, a little stone pig hiding amongst the hydrangeas, a vintage ceramic piece we found at an antique store now sitting in a small birdbath…

A new career as a landscape designer for my mom? I think so!!!

You Never Know

I was feeling quite “Martha” yesterday (it happens every so often) and ventured over to Mahoney’s in Brookline to find some pumpkins and new plantings for my front porch. And not only did I find pumpkins and loads of healthy plants, but a whole building full of the most GORGEOUS planters, vases and accessories I have ever seen! Good thing I had my camera phone! This handpainted fish planter above almost knocked me sideways with how friggin’ beautiful it was!

They have a whole section of italian painted pottery that is to die for:

And menswear chic pinstripes and polka dots in black and white (remember how I said that was “in” this season?)
A stunning green/blue chinese garden stool that would make a lovely side table:
And check out this white lace-like vase on the left. Would be so sharp filled with simple white blooms.

Anyways, goes to show you that you never know where you’ll find jaw dropping accessories and home goods. So keep an open mind!

Everything is cuter in miniature

More rain. It works the last nerve of even the most hardy New Englander. Dreaming of life on the west coast and sunny south- beaches and palm trees, I have come across a nice way to bring a little tropical joy to those of us who live in less temperate areas of the country. I love the idea of having one of these amazing miniature kumquat trees either on my little deck or inside the house in a sunny spot, perhaps even on the dining table as a centerpiece. You can order them from Acorn Springs in many varieties including Meyer Lemon and Miniature Grapfruit. Plant them in either something whimsical such as this pot from Anthropologie or something more clean and modern like these from Smith and Hawken.