Bathroom Organizing: Product Showdown.

Moving is a great excuse to reduce clutter. And in no place do I have more clutter and crap then in my bathroom. This right now is what’s happening in my bathroom cabinet. No cleaning up for you, just the brutal truth. Too much crap. I always say that CVS and Sephora are my two favorite stores because I can’t leave either one without picking up multiple new products to try. In my new bathroom I want to get rid of the crap I’ve bought and hate, old stuff, free samples I used once and unnecessary stuff.  Why do I hang onto some hair product I didn’t like or a tube of face cream just because it was free? Enough is enough. So here is my plan to organize and only buy the products I love- better stuff, but LESS stuff!

What the hell.

Since I have a new vanity with drawers I am going to have to get me a SLEW of these acrylic drawer organizers first off, so I can keep thing neat and tidy.

I have this amazing jadeite set at work but I think I’m going to bring it to the house and use the pencil cup for brushes and the covered dish for bobby pins and hair elastics on the counter.

As far as products go I am having a major love affair with Malin+Goetz- the smells, the good for you ingredients and the fact that they make my skin feel great.  I especially love the grapefruit face wash (anything grapefruit scented I will huff like it’s illegal- the scent is my FAVE) and the peppermint body scrub. Another scent that makes me high.

The B5 Body Lotion is expensive but my skin has never felt smoother of softer. Granted, I have a stockpile of hotel size samples that I dole myself out like rations during a famine, but the whole point of this “less but better” thing might get me to spring for the big bottle. Also important in the body arsenal is self tanner. I have been splurging on this St. Tropez foam all spring and summer and it’s such a natural color people always comment “you got some sun!” No I didn’t. I’ve been hiding in my apartment writing this blog, actually. But thanks.  I also hear Xentan in awesome. Anyone tried it?

I love me some Kiehls too- especially their Amino Acid Shampoo and Olive Conditioner. Until last month I had four different shampoos and three conditioners in the shower. I want ONE OF EACH. So it’s down to these, also curious to try Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy stuff (nice on the wallet) and of course, I love the Malin & Goetz Peppermint Shampoo and Cilantro Conditioner (you gotta love cilantro though, like me. It IS a polarizing herb).

Kiss My Face Moisture Shave in Cool Mint has been a fave for years- less irritation, more moisture, fewer nicks therefore less of a Dexter-ish crime scene after a shave. For smoothing of another kind, I do really like my Clarisonic, although I am depressed that I did not get this leopard one.

I have tried everything to tame frizzies and the only thing I come back to is Moroccan Oil Treatment. And my clipless 1″ curling iron! You just take 1-2″ sections and wrap around it for beachy waves. It’s hot as hell though, so be careful where you wave that thing (I hit Andrew in the chest once with it by accident and branded him). I have three other curling irons. I need to cut that out.

Josie Maran Argan Oil is amazing for the face- lightweight, not greasy and adds such a glow. Not to mention organic and totally paraben free.  Have any of you tried the famous Olio Lusso? Dying to try, I have to say I love the packaging, but want to know if it’s worth it.  I have yet to find an eye cream I love, but the reviews for this Laura Mercier one sound awesome. I’d love to hear your favorite eye cream!

For day lotion with sunscreen I’ve been using this drugstore CeraVe SPF 30 for a while since my mom recommended it and I saw it in a magazine. Simple and does the job.  For night cream I have started using prescription Renova. Hey, I’m 33 now. And I sunbathed for years. It’s time.

I am still cursing the day Chanel stopped making the world’s most perfect foundation, Teint Innocence. It was THE BEST and I have not found anything like it at all. Any suggestions would be welcome- I’ve been using Lancome Teint Miracle and it’s not cutting the mustard. The only face product I am now devoted to is still YSL’s Touche Eclat. Looking for any other concealers you guys love too!

For face color, I need me a little bronzer and I have two and I can’t reduce further- one being matte (Guerlain Terracotta in Brunette) and one with kick ass shimmer (Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Brick in Bronze– I have always had one of these for the last 5 years- it’s awesome).

For cheek color I still have not found “the one”. I do like Bobbi’s Sand Pink or Tawny as a fall back.  I also became pretty obsessed with the Chantecaille blush in the New Classic’s Palette but am BUMMED to find out I can’t buy it individually. :( It’s a great palette though!

Speaking of palettes, for eyes I end up with 8 million colors, which is why I like the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, it keeps tons of colors in one tin. However, like most palettes, I find my favorites and then those disappear first, like the base color. Which I why I also love to have a full size Bobbi Brown Bone Eyeshadow for all over, the best base color for my skin tone. I also love Bobbi’s other full size eyeshadows- great formula, great colors.

For eyeliner I only use a wet skinny flat brush and Laura Mercier’s Tightline. I cannot deal with pencils or liquids. This is so great because depending on the amount of water you put on your brush it depends on whether the liner is more liquid looking and defined or more blendable like a pencil. I am not a mascara snob and usually grab some Great Lash (with curved brush), although I recall LOVING Chanel’s Inimitable Mascara.

For brows, all you need is a good pair of Tweezerman tweezers and Anastasia’s Brow Wiz pencil which is amazing (because as I get older my former bushy brows now take longer to grow in…argh).

I never wear lipstick, just glosses or balms.  I love Chanel Glossimer and Chantecaille for gloss but the makeup artist on the Oprah shoot used Lipstick Queen Matte Gloss on me in Minor Crisis (PERFECT NAME) and it was good stuff. She swore by it.

Anything you absolutely cannot live without???

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Product Junkies: Jeannie Vincent

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This week’s Product Junkie is a pro- makeup artist Jeannie Vincent who not only beautifies everyone from local models and the band Train for their recent VH-1 performance but also works for Fresh and is the beauty editor for the super cool fashion blog New Brahmin. Let’s just say, she knows her shiz.

Poshe Product Master

When I say my life would not be the same without this product, I am really not exaggerating.  Call me crazy, but I am an at-home manicure aficionado, and I truly can’t imagine painting my nails with any regular old topcoat.  I am hooked on Poshe’ Super-Fast Drying formula; I’m a junkie.  If you do paint your nails yourself, and haven’t tried a fast-drying topcoat, ladies–you ain’t livin’.  Isn’t it annoying to have to sit like a statue for half an hour so as to not smudge your newly manicured tips?  And even then end up eventually nicking them on something even though you thought they were dry?  Enter the quick-drying stuff.  Apply your base coat and color as usual, and then immediately after (no need to wait), brush on a coat of the Poshe Super-Fast.  Ten minutes later and you are good to go.  Your polish will be dry to the touch, and within a half an hour all layers should be completely dry.  There are other fast-drying topcoats out there, a very popular one being Seche Vite.  But with Seche Vite you get shrinkage (ew, sounds gross), a phenomenon where your nail polish actually “shrinks” on your nail, thus making your manicure look more worn, more quickly.  You can find Poshe at any Sally’s, CVS, or even Amazon.  I like to order it in bulk from nail supply e-tailers, but then again, I am a nail junkie.  Regardless of where you go to get it, pick it up, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Product Junkies: Erika of Urban Grace

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This week’s Product Junkie is one of my favorite bloggers and interior designers Erika of Urban Grace. Most of you who read this blog read hers too so I’m sure you are familiar with her amazing work and her adorable new baby!  This busy lady has some great products to recommend to all of us other busy ladies!

I’m about as low maintenance as they come.  BUT I do love products… not sure if “low-maintenance” and “product-junkie” can go hand-in-hand… but maybe I am proof they can!?  Here are a few low-maintenance loves of mine…
product junkies for erin I’ve always loved L’Oreal mascara… recently a friend recommended Double Extend.  It’s not extraordinary in lengthening lashes or anything (because I don’t believe any mascara really makes lashes look longer, just thicker) but the beauty of it – it goes on and creates “tubes” around your lashes so when you wash your face (or go to the beach or pool) it doesn’t turn to black paste under your eyes!  The mascara washes off your lashes in tubes – it’s really amazing.  No scrubbing your eyes to get that black residue off!  And if you are lazy or in a hurry you don’t have to use both the clear base coat + the black mascara, you can just use the black and it works the same!  Love it!!! (Trish McEvoy makes a mascara like this too, if you are one of those who likes to pay more ;) )

Quick Slip by Paul Mitchell.  LOVE.  These last few years my hair has gotten a little wavy, and it’s not that cute wave you see in magazines.  This product goes on wet hair before blow-drying and helps my hair lay flat.  Fewer waves, fewer frizzies.  It is a great product!  On super humid days I’ve even used it after my hair is dry for extra taming.

A friend recently let me try her Bobbi Brown Cream Concealer. The Bobbi Brown website has the tagline “award winning” attached to this concealer… and for good reason! It’s fantastic!  As good as photoshop!  :)

Thanks Erika!

Product Junkies Giveaway: Staying Forever Young with Perricone M.D.


I’ve had so many companies offer me stuff to give away to you lately it’s amazing! I only pick the things I really love and know you will too so I hope you find it exciting!  This newest giveaway is from Perricone M.D., the oft lauded skin care product company that makes lotions, potions creams and even supplements and anti-oxidant loaded snacks (99 Bite Bars) all aimed at helping you look younger.  Since entering my 30’s I have been in search of a great night cream to help replenish my skin while I sleep- I can no longer go to bed with makeup on and no cream and wake up looking refreshed! Perricone’s Cold Plasma cream is a high tech new product that claims to heal what ails me. Dr. Perricone even wrote a book detailing his scientific discovery and findings behind Cold Plasma called Forever Young (if you pre-order it on Amazon you get a free jar of Concentrated Restorative Treatment worth $75!) Why don’t we both try it out? I’m giving a jar of it away (worth $150)- so leave a comment about why you want and need this miracle worker and I’ll announce the winner next Monday! In the meantime, you can get free samples online (you just have to pay $4.95 in shipping)