Sag Harbor Dream Home


Last weekend we were in Sag Harbor, NY, which I think is the most “un-Hamptons-y” village in the Hamptons.  It’s small but interesting and not as flashy as some of the other parts.  The houses are ridiculous (and the real estate prices even more so).  And as I was looking at some listings in a agency window I saw that Steven Gambrel’s latest Sag Harbor home is for sale…for a mere $10.5 million.  I need to figure out what kind of design work gets you a home like THAT.  And while the price tag is completely absurd, it is SO DAMN GOOD- the perfect blend of modern amenities and historical design- not to mention the guest house, pool and perfectly situated lot. If I could pick anyone to designa home for me, it would be him.

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Nantucket vs. Martha’s Vineyard

It was fun to play the NY vs. Boston real estate game last week, so when I saw these two properties I had to do it again. Granted, they are not for sale, but bring up the classic Boston-dweller dilemma- Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard?  These islands are right next to each other, but people seem to be drawn to one or the other.  Architectural Digest published both these homes and I’d love to know which one you’d prefer- the crisply renovated Nantucket home of Victoria Hagan or the antique charms of the Martha’s Vineyard home of Sir Evelyn and Lady de Rothschild?



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Small Town Charm

Andrew and I rang in 2015 quietly, just us and the dogs, at my parents beach house on the CT shore.  After a busy, crazy year it was exactly what I wanted for my last night of 2014.  On New Years Day we had no plans so I suggested we go walk around the nearby town of Essex, CT.  I hadn’t been there in probably a decade or more and I recalled my parents saying it was a lovely little town.

Man, were they right! As soon as we pulled down Main Street I was ready to jump out of the car, itching to take pictures.  The incredible old homes simply blew my mind, and since it was holiday time, the whole town was decorated perfectly- no inflatables or plastic- just lovely greenery, bows and lights.  Andrew said this town made him feel like skipping. I agreed!  I grew up driving around with my dad looking at houses in pretty towns (or “real estalking” as we call it now) and as an adult I find that I now do just that for fun too! So we did!

This little situation nearly had me in tears it’s so good. Those windows??

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Monday Real-Estalking

Even though I love my house and my new town I still like to torture myself by looking at real estate listings… in random parts of the country I will never live.  Last week when I got my copy of Maine Home I saw a listing for this house in Belfast, Maine. The way, way, way up near Canada part of Maine. I shall not live there, ever. EXCEPT look at this joint?!?!?  Can you even stand it- especially for the price?? Anywhere near Boston that place would be over 2 million!

I have such a soft spot for Greek Revivals.


Is that a BARN I see behind it??




Pretty little details.




Yeah, I could rock this house’s world.


Oh my. OH MY WORD.


Dream laundry room much? DO YOU SEE THOSE WIDE PLANK FLOORS???


Oh heyyyyyyyyyyy beams!


What I could turn you into you saucy, little minx!


Shall we venture upstairs? How badly do you want to slide down that banister?


While the rest of the room needs mucho updating, those beds are amazing.




They tried to update it a little TOO much- imagine with a reclaimed wood vanity and unlacquered brass plumbing fixtures?!


Some inspiration images of what I would like this home to look like- sort of Windsor Smith meets Daryl Carter….

VER-House-of-Windsor-6 a6d174752273af8dcbaf55106ef2374c







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Island Life

There may be no location with crazier real estate prices than Nantucket- but holy hell, if I won the lottery you better believe I’d buy a house there. Like this one. Which is near perfect.  It needs some serious decor help, but for an in town charmer (that has SEVEN bedrooms for lots of summer parties) it’s so killer. If you have $6 mill to spare.

I would have done two sided stairs like I’ve seen on other houses this style, but I wouldn;t exactly kick it out of bed for eating crackers either as is.


Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 6.45.09 PM

picture-uh=7dd15696ea9d5a0f39d40382c9c5474-ps=3989b4cf516b418de2d3a01946b2e9e picture-uh=5f88faa53bfdf2c6b36f1d5053e2ddd3-ps=e99f11e88589372c7e6624aabacffcc3

Town and ocean views from the widows walk.

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 6.45.20 PM

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 6.45.02 PM


picture-uh=97502e6995a63d782f8fd349448d70e8-ps=88701b3359279f8c769ca203d9056c picture-uh=6c906b73511f4c2c30feb387a48ae3e-ps=a1131bbcfe9b380461da0c6a5f3075

Look at those floors! The wide planks! DIIIIEEE.




A good rustic beam leaves me weak in the knees.




Most fab playroom ever? Maybe.


And a one bedroom one bath GUEST HOUSE in case you are super popular (which you would be if you lived here) and needed another place for people to sleep.  I don;t think I could even afford just this.


I’m gonna have to sell a lot of books.