Statement Dressing Takes on New Meaning.

Last night’s Golden Globes was powerful on so many levels. While Hollywood itself can be very self-congratulatory and seem superficial- I really felt like the speeches and inclusion of so many great social justice pioneers and leaders as “dates” to the super famous on the red carpet really was something special.  Not to mention the showing of incredible support through almost every single person wearing black (I had to cringe at the handful of people who somehow missed the memo, including the president of the HFP).  You may think that having the dress code be only black would make for a rather sartorially dull red carpet– but NOT THE CASE! I actually thought it was one of the best, most interesting red carpets fashion-wise in many years!  Sometimes when given a directive or limiting “rule”, the results can actually be more beautiful than when it’s a free for all.  You have to think more creatively when limited in palette.  So while I had another post ready for today (which I will post this afternoon- my spring accessory collection is out and it’s a fab sea of color), this morning I wanted to share my favorite looks from last night and also pitch you a little fundraiser– so read to the end!

Reese was simply perfection in her one shouldered gown, straight locks and statement earrings.  But Viola Davis brought the house down with her look- a black velvet Brandon Maxwell paired with the most amazing diamond necklace and rockin’ hair.  She has to be one of the most intelligent, classy women in Hollywood.

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Emmy Red Carpet Recap

Sorry this is so late- I had quite a busy morning.
I did not watch the Emmy’s but of course devoured all the fashion this morning.  I have to say there was not a dress in the bunch that really made me sit up and go “OMG”, which is always a bummer.  There were some pretty dresses, and some major missteps too, though.

We are about to finish The Sinner (which is creepy and super dark but good) and I am impressed with Biel’s acting chops.  I thought she looked really pretty last night.  Not my fave dress of all time, but she wears it well.

Thandie Newton was also in the same blush tones and looked radiant. Love the simplicity.

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Oscars 2017 Red Carpet Review

So I actually thought last night’s Oscars red carpet was pretty boring. There was a lot I didn’t like, a slew I was “meh” about and only a couple looks I really liked. I hate it when that happens!  I still am craving to see people looking pretty and elegant (but unique), not edgy/ugly and “FASHION!!!!”

Nicole Kidman was my best dressed. Typically I do not like super pale complexions in nude dresses (which Nicole does allllll the time) but this one was amazing- the pattern, detail and neckline were stunning and that orange-y red lip made the entire look work on her.  Her hair, makeup and jewelry was also totally spot on (she didn’t look as Botoxed to high heaven as she normally does). Bravo.
89th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

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Golden Globes Red Carpet Review

Last night I was contently watching the red carpet with Henry asleep on my chest and a glass of red wine in hand.  However, I did go to bed about 1/4 of the way through the telecast of the awards because when he konks out, I konk out. :)  But I of COURSE have some opinions on the fashion.  It was true mixed bag last night with some people who normally kill it making big mistakes and those I expect to show up looking crazy (or those I did not know) strutted in looking amazing!

Kirstan Dunst SLAYED it. Like, how good does she look? Way better than I’ve ever seen her.  It’s a lot of boob, but yet looks elegant and not skanky. And the makeup, hair and accessories are so on point.  I also LOVED Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s sparkly navy dress with the deep plunge, smoky eye and simple earrings. So gorgeous. Plus POCKETS, y’all.

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However, what int he fresh hell was up with Channing’s boy band gone wrong hair???? And the goatee?  Which really I have no business knocking since I let Andrew rock a goatee for our WEDDING (ugggghhhh, what was I thinking?)  Anyway, I forgive him after seeing his Beyonce lip sync battle.  But just this once, Magic Mike. Just this once.

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