Guess What I Did?



Any guesses?



How about now?




Oh, yes I did.


(Except there is no way anyone is DRINKING/EATING/CRYING in it’s presence. See how concerned Charlotte looks?)

Yes folks, after five years and wanting, waiting, lusting…. I bought myself the H blanket.

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 7.06.18 AM

It was a big moment.  After landing the BH&G cover  (check out my post on their blog today) and the whole book deal thing, I said I was going to get myself something absolutely ridiculous in celebration.  Even Andrew supported such fiscal irresponsibility.  So when I figured there was no way I could afford the Celine bag I wanted, I knew what that would be.

So last week after work I met Andrew and in we went to Hermes.  I made a beeline to the one I wanted (black and ecru) and picked it up.  It’s absurd, the thing is just wool.  But it is SO GOOD.  I looked at the price tag again and said to Andrew “I can’t.  It’s too much.” And that sweet fella said “You are getting it. Now. You deserve this.”

And so I did.  Thinking, well, if I get home and freak my face off, I can always return it. we got back to the house and Andrew yells from the kitchen “I’m gonna recycle this box right?” I don’t think I’ve ever made it into the kitchen from the sofa faster. “Are you INSANE???” I yelled?   Half the fun is that huge orange box!!!!” Men.

But as most huge, huge purchases (and haircuts) go- this magical thing did not change my life or make me a better person.  It’s just a blanket. A very expensive blanket.  I checked the receipt to see how many days I had to return it… only to see NO REFUNDS. So there you have it, it’s mine.

I don’t want to put it on the sofa because my dirty little monsters will probably chew a bone on it and then barf all over it.  So I folded on my favorite chair in the corner and you know what- it totally elevates the space. And when I walk into the room it makes me fell happy and reminds me of how hard I’ve worked to have it.  The past 12 months have been full of milestones and now I have something to mark it I’ll hang onto forever. Take that, guilty conscience.

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 7.06.01 AM



Oh Baby

So as we all know Beyonce had a baby.  Whoop de do, women do such things every day. However, I was intrigued by the rumor that they paid to have some master suite built at Lenox Hill Hospital for this magical occasion of bringing the most royal of all musical offspring into the world. At first I thought “that is so ridiculous!” and then I thought about their combined bank accounts ($834,566,979,000,000,000,000,000) and realized that if I were Beyonce, I’d be like “hell yes you are building me a super suite for me to push this thing out in!” Now there are pictures of said suite and info that they actually didn’t pay for it but CHRISTENED it (paid for by the hospital for super VIP’s) but whatevs. It looks like a W Hotel. Can I make a reservation for when/if I am screaming in pain with contractions??? I’m sure they consider a blogger on par with B.

I dunno, i think it would be hilarious if there were a ping pong table in there to kill time between contractions.

Andrew could sleep here while avoiding all things stirrup related.

“Hi Contractor, I want my kitchen to look like Jay and B’s birthing suite…”

Does it make me a bigger diva than Beyonce to exclaim that I can only give birth in rooms with dark wood floors…. these just don’t cut the mustard for a $1million reno.

images via TMZ

And in other news, I am so honored to be nominated amongst some of my favorite blogs for the Design Bloggers Conference Hall of Fame Award for Best Overall Design Blog! Thank you!  If you feel so inclined, you can vote HERE!

Gone to the Dogs.

As I mention, last week I was in the Hamptons perusing the antique and home shops with a client.  One afternoon we popped into this fabulous shop Lennegan & Marantz and I nearly keeled over when I saw this.  A linen upholstered, nail head trimmed dog bed! I was all “I need two IMMEDIATELY!” until I saw the price tag ($900….each). I need new nail head trimmed sofas for myself, so the doggies will have to wait (decades) for these…

The next day I was walking through the Hamptons Designer Showhouse and lo and behold, in one bedroom was an ottoman/ dog bed with nail head trim! GENIUS! A pair of these at the foot of a bed for pups to sleep in (although mine would still sleep in bed with me no doubt) would be adorable!

It got me thinking about designer dog beds- and not the creepy kind that look like upholstered headboards complete with duvet and pillows, but rather some that would look amazing in a home. Cue 1st Dibs! Who knew? Granted, they are all exorbitantly expensive, but I still think they are fabulously entertaining! Click the images for links and prepare for your jaw to hit the floor with the prices.

I am DYYYYYYIIING over this lucite and zebra one! The only place my pups lie on a dog bed is at the office and this would be amazing.

For the more country styled home, this iron frame is darling…and horrifically expensive. Do people really buy these?

This bold frame could be refitted with a cushion in no time…. I j’adore it!

I mean, really. Antique gilt wood frame? Circa 1870??? Baxter would feel home here. It’s regal enough for his diva attitude (we’ve likened him to Naomi Campbell and Oliver to Matthew McConaughey in Dazed and Confused).

So very shabby chic. Perfect for a dog’s beach house. :)

More nailheads…except these are from the 19th freakin’ century. Glad to know it’s historically accurate to spoil your dogs rotten like I do.

My Review of Kips Bay

Part of my last few days in New York for Blogfest included a trip to see the famous Kips Bay Decorator’s Show House.  I’ve heard about this show house for many, many years and was excited to finally get to GO to one featuring some of my favorite designers like Mary McDonald and Celerie Kemble.  Joined by my fabulous pals and fellow interior junkies Shannon Wollack and Kyle Knight , in we went.  I had not seen any images of the show house so I had no idea what to expect. Kyle and Shannon however had seen some and seemed a little apprehensive.

And they were right to be.

What I came away asking was, what happened to things just being PRETTY?  Why does everything have to be a statement or offbeat or thought provoking? Is there something wrong with décor for beauty’s sake? Now, everyone has their own definition of beauty, for sure, I may find something hideous that another finds soul stirringly gorgeous and vice versa.  But in a gorgeous old New York townhouse displaying the best of the best of American design I began to wonder if design is getting just a little bit CRAZY?


The entrance by Mary McDonald was glamorous and quintessentially her with red shagreen walls and high gloss red paint and a great little console vignette that seemed appropriate  yet modern within the walls of the historic space. Mary always seems to kill it.

This dressing room was rather sweet- despite this really strange large tv screen that was hooked up to a camera showing you in the space (is this instead of a mirror? I would hate that.)

The staircase had walls upholstered in yellow, black and white ikat fabric. While dizzying, it was pretty rad.

Celerie’s room in it’s entirety falls into a different category, but the to die for Lucite coffee table was something all three of us would have sold our ovaries for.

Details like INSANE antique floors and some gorgeous and unique hardware.

The outdoor spaces were INSANE and the best part of the show house! Look at this crazy deep daybed (starring Kyle and Shannon) on the highest of the decks! AMAZING! That light! The stripes! I die! Can you imagine sipping some wine with friends here???

Looking down on the garden level patio.

And all the neighbors have sweet patios and decks too. All I could hear playing in my head was “MoneyMoneyMoneyMoooooooney….MONEY!”


Brad Ford’s lounge had some good looking items and a great overall feel but it was too hipster for me (kind of like the Ace Hotel, where I stayed). A record player built into a coffee table? Huh? Can you believe I also had a set of turntables IN MY HOTEL ROOM (as well as a built in pencil sharpener)? Maybe I’m just not hip enough to “get” this…

Oh Celerie. I love you, I do, but something about this room did not work so well for me. The ceiling was cool, as was the double settee, the chandelier and we know I liked the coffee table- but it felt so heavy and so crazy BUSY, and I dare say, overdecorated! The amazing original woodwork almost got lost amongst all the pattern and color.

Such pretty color and detail though

Glossy turquoise trim? YES. Studded ottoman? YES Vintage Louis style chair? YES. Yet something felt off. I can’t put my finger on it.

This dining room could fall into the “good” category but I personally was super distracted by the drapes around the fireplace. Seems like one hell of a fire hazard, no? Also not big on skirted dining tables or that chandelier ( a crystal Empire style chandy would be my pick).  But that original scenic wallpaper was beyond beautiful!

Another room that had me torn- the pink patterned wallpaper by Amanda Nisbet was a really interesting choice with the wood trim. I loved the mirror above the fireplace and the little tufted chair but see below as to what ruined it for me….


GAH! That photo! Way too freaky and porn-esque for me.  I love the dichotomy of modern art in traditional settings, but this photo made us all a little queasy and felt WAY outta whack.

Don’t even get me started on this entry. The geometric wall appliques look like they belong in a daycare center and not a bajillion dollar home. And the pink table just adds insult to injury. Look at that beautiful old staircase! It must be so sad.

Crazy train, destination MARS. All aboard.

Do I need to get into this? Maybe I should tell you those floors were padded (huh?) I would see spots for a week after doing a load of whites in here.

Welcome to the creepiest little girl’s room ever. I dig unexpected colors in rooms, but the dark brown almost black high gloss textured walls were way to mature for this space- but what really got us was the cobra lamp and scariest ET doll ever on the chair (maybe it was just Kyle and I who were terrified of ET?)  I mean, it kind of looks like a nightmare/bad acid trip? I cannot imagine a child wanting a glowing red life size snake as a roommate. The giraffe, totally.

The style of the Richard Mishaan room was just not my style at all-  80’s influenced color scheme mixed with ornate old school details and some wacky art above the fireplace that freaked me out (most of the art in the house did). I walked out of here pretty quickly.

No. Just, no.

And then going 180 degrees the other way was this froufy bedroom with a ceiling mural featuring ivy vines that reminded me of bad country stenciling. This look was just too old and powdery for me.

All and all I left bummed out and really questioning the direction high end decorating is going.  I’ve never been a person who likes shock value just for the sake of shock value, you know? What do you think?

Pictures via me, Martha Stewart

Loft Lust

As I scour the internet for real estate listings for a new home I came across this amazeballs loft that I would love to live in. It’s slightly out of our price range  and the we’d have to add a second bedroom at some point AND in a neighborhood I’m still not sure of…but just LOOK at the amazing woodwork!!! And a claw foot tub AND walk in marble shower? And that slate island??? Christ almighty! This really is like porn for me.