All things Hermes

Jane Birkin. Jackie O. Grace Kelly.

Some of the most fashionable women in history all adored, and ultimately inspired, this brand. But Hermes is much more than just beautiful silk scarves and handbags with 6 year long waiting lists. It seems these days you can’t open a shelter magazine without seeing the Hermes “H” wool and cashmere blanket (above) draped over a couch arm or end of a bed. If I had this $900 blanket, I’d probably drape it over MYSELF and wear it every day for that price! It’s simple color block scheme is very modern; and the subtle, yet in your face branding is desirable- for those of us who can pay $900 for a throw. But no watching movies with buttery popcorn snuggled in this beautiful number…no, no.

True to the iconic label’s history, the look they present in their home and personal accessory lines is pure, classic good taste- and that, my friends, you can’t put a price on.

Seriously Cool.

Returning this morning from a lovely 2 day beach vacation on the Cape, I am feeling quite nature-loving and seaside inspired. One of my favorite things about living by the shore (besides spending the whole day working on my basal cell carcinoma with a stack of magazines)- are rainy beach days spent in front of a fire or crisp evenings doing the same. However, being not so rustically inclined, actually starting a fire can be a challenge for me if it doesn’t involve propane and a switch or whining to my husband or father to build me one. Alas, someone has invented the mother of all lazy girl fire pits. Columbo Construction Corporation makes hammered copper fire bowls that sit outside on your deck/lawn/patio that are propane fueled and require no logs or eagle scout badges. Brilliant, modern and simply gorgeous. It’ll cost you your first born, but possibly worth it.

Like walking into the pages of Domino….

Atlanta is quickly becoming a hub for design talent, and the glittering superstar amoung them is clearly Lee Kleinhelter and her jaw droppingly cool shop, Pieces,Inc. For those of us on budgets, swiping your plastic at this mecca of cool is probably not an option (unless you are happy eating only peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for 3 months- which I am for a particular set of faux bamboo dining chairs.) Lee’s eye for combining tradtional style with hip, modern accents is to die for, in my book, and I can’t wait to make my way down to the ATL to see it all in person (oh, and see my brother and sister in law too-superstars in thier own right.)

Check out the site, even if it’s just for inspiration. She even has an amazing collection of hip dog accessories so Fido can blend into your flawlessly fabulous decor (and with Baxter’s arrival pending, I am searching for such things- he’ll be the hippest dog at the JP Pond.)

A Post From My Sick Bed

One of life’s interesting dichotomies…90 degrees and sunny, and yet I am house-bound with a nasty cold. Woe is me. Alas, it gives me proper time to get my ducks in a row for my official, full-time launch of Element Interiors and make, hopefully, a few interesting posts.

First off, in case you live in Boston and find yourself in one of my favorite neighborhoods for design inspiration,the South End, stop in Hudson on Shawmut Avenue. If I were to own a bouique, this would be pretty much it! I kind of wish I could just move into this store. They carry otherwise hard to find locally lines such as Bungalow 5 (a personal favorite), Oly (amazing), Barbara Cosgrove lighting, their own line of natty throw pillows and even Cowgirl Chocolates for those with an undeniable sweet tooth AND a vintage design sensibility.

Another fab find is House Eclectic, a source for fresh, cutting edge tables and seating. Pieces come in a variety of candy colored finishes, perfect for adding that little “pop” of color to an otherwise drab and common room. One of my favorites, above, is simple enough to blend with just about any decor, but has a touch of contemporary mod style.

If I Had a Million Dollars….

I have lusted after Maya Romanoff’s “Beadazzled” glass bead encrusted wallcovering ever since the fated moment I laid my eyes on the samples. This is completely cost prohibitive to most mortals ($200 for a 3 yard/27″ wide roll), and may teeter on the edge of being “over the top”, but sometimes going a little crazy in small doses is a good thing. Unexpected touches in little nooks of a house can be great fun. After all, it’s just decor, no one is getting a Nobel Prize for this.

Can you imagine covering the walls of a walk in closet with this? I would have to put a tv and an internet jack in there, because I would never want to leave my little jewel box! Other applications that would look truly fun and stunning would be the interior of the dressing rooms in a fabulous boutique, or the ceiling of a small powder room. Talk about a conversation piece! It comes in a variety of textures and colors (with rich, sassy names like “Scotch N Soda”, “Caviar” and “Disco Tangerine”).
Another Maya wallcovering that is completely lust-worthy is her inlaid capiz shell tiles. Nothing could be more perfect on a luxe beach house powder room wall behind the sink and mirror. It is truly something to behold, and definitely something you want out of the reach of little kids with markers and dirty hands, for this stuff is not only delicate, it would cost about as much as a Honda to install.
It may be a little much, but it makes me smile, and that’s all that’s important in life..and decorating!