Fantastic Fitting Rooms

My mom sent me this interesting article from WSJ on how some stores are spending some bucks to upgrade their fitting rooms in hopes that it will spur more sales. Well…..DUH.  There is nothing worse than having a handful of purchases you are psyched to try on and get into a dirty, dingy, poorly lit fitting room with an annoying attendant who constantly knocks and asks if you need anything. *Side note- recently at one very high end department store I had a sales girl stand outside my room and talk on her phone to her friend about how LONG I was taking in there. Cue “Bitchy Erin”, in which I stopped trying stuff on, opened the door and said “so sorry to be keeping you” and thrust my goods into her hands. LOST SALE. But I digress….

Give me lighting that makes me look J-Lo glowy. Give me a slightly skinny mirror (but not so skinny that when I get home and look in a regular mirror I gasp in horror at the reality). Give me a place to put my purse and sit down to put on shoes. Give me enough space to move around and finagle my way into snug jeans without smashing limbs on the walls. But above all, give me LOTS OF PLACES TO HANG STUFF! It baffles me as a designer when I get in a fitting room and there is one lousy hook to put 10 pairs of pants on. Huh? Am I being filmed for some scientific study on how humans function without proper tools?

Ann Taylor has revamped not only their look, but their fitting rooms as well. Love the ottomans and the chandelier.

Have always loved Anthro’s rooms (although small)- the mismatched doors are super cute.

I am that annoying person that strips down to tank top in the middle of the store to just pop stuff on in order to avoid fitting rooms.  Bloomie’s added these cool little pods for that reason! YAY!

And so did Old Navy (the #1 place for the “in aisle try on”). Brills.

But why not make these spaces like little jewel boxes and add some real wallpaper inside like they did at Lilly Puliter and Trink Turk?

Someday I’ll have a store, and when I do the fitting rooms would be hooked up like THIS:

Nina Campbell Wallpaper mixed with zebra carpeting, an Oly studio leather bench, decorative mirror, vintage sputnik light fixture and lucite hanging rods (done in brass, not chrome as shown). And the best part? The Maya Romanoff Bedazzled glass bead wallpaper on the ceiling to reflect dazzling light!

Scene Stealer

I spent a delightful Saturday afternoon trolling the halls of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston with my pal/studio mate/photog Sarah Winchester (see pictures here from our visit). I had not been in years and I was SO inspired by the new Art of America’s wing, particularly this room in which gorgeous scenic wallpaper and light blue trim work was displayed.

Detail shot of the amazing trim work! Perfect for a beach house, no?

A crappy cell phone shot from my Blackberry showing a bit more of the room.

I am really loving the concept of scenic wallpaper mixed with modern furniture right now! It’s like a giant work of art on your wall that creates SO much drama I squeal every time I see a room using it in a fresh and new way.

Could not love this Michael Smith bedroom more!

Martha has this scenic paper in one of her homes.

More Michael Smith perfection.

Tom Scheerer used a nautical paper in a seaside home.

DeGournay makes MAGNIFICENT hand-painted scenic wallpapers.

Here’s a room idea incorporating some modern pieces with glamorous ones utilizing a gorgeous scenic wallpaper.

SATC 2 and Katie Ridder!

I’ve been studying the details of the set photos of Sex and the City 2 pretty closely and have been able to identify some fabrics, furniture and accent items but the one piece I had trouble with was this FABULOUS wallpaper seen throughout Bog and Carrie’s home:

Picture 1

Then this morning it came to me- that there is some Katie Ridder deliciousness- more specifically, the Oiseau paper in chocolate! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE.  I love all the colorways, actually:

Picture 4 Picture 5

Picture 3 Picture 6

It also comes in fabric:

Picture 7 Picture 8

I designed a powder room using her amazing large scale leaf paper- it’s one of my favorite things I’ve done:

DSC_0049 DSC_0047

It too comes in fabric, which I think would make INSANE drapes!

Picture 10 Picture 9

Katie did a dramatic and cheery pantry room using her own seaweed wallpaper- adore it, especially for a fun beach house!

katieridder pantry DSC_0106

Loving the blue fabric version for a couple of club chairs or a bench!

Picture 11

Speaking of SATC 2- how fabulous did SJP look last night at the premiere in Valentino ( a dress I picked as what I would have worn to the Oscars!!)

satc2_arrivals_001_wenn5486883 All the ladies looked amazing- Cynthia Nixon in Carolina Herrera, Kristin Davis in vintage from Decades and Kim Cattrall in Naeem Khan.

Picture 7

Holy DIY Project, Batman.


I had to post the insane DIY Imperial Trellis stencil project from Hello Gorgeous because 1) it came out bananas awesome and 2) I am always in awe of people who take on this stuff on their own. If I had time away from blogging/designing/trying to to glamorously careen of the edge, I’d love to do this stuff. I am in awe! Here are her directions for making your own stencil and here are the shots of the finished product!