Pinterest Worthy Weddings

I have some majorly stylish friends according to these two weddings of girls whom I went to Miss Porter’s with what feels like eons ago.  When I saw their pictures I knew I had to share with you as both are just so wonderful!

This first wedding took place in the same town where we all went to boarding school at the gorgeous Hillstead Museum.  Looks like the rain did not damper anyone’s spirits (nor the bride’s amazing Oscar de la Renta gown). And that pug. OH, that pug! Photos by the amazing Ira Lippke Studios.

Gorgeous much?

This second wedding took place on the enchanting Shelter Island, NY at an amazing manor house that was the groom’s grandmother’s former home.  I love that history of the setting as well as the fact that they worked that history into their event- such as clipping boxwood for the grooms men’s boutonniere’s from the grounds (the home has the first boxwoods ever brought to the United States!) The wedding was shot by Denis Reggie who took that famous photo of JFK Jr. and Carolyn Bessette leaving the church.

LOVE this vintage key place card idea!!!

After-party in the garden!

A Stunning City Wedding

I admit, I have very little time these days to read blogs (I know, ironic) but one I ALWAYS check at least once a week is From Me To You. I’ve loved watching Jaime Beck turn into a photography superstar and all around fashion idol.  I’m pretty sure she’s my biggest girl/career crush out there. And it’s no surprise that her wedding to her business/creative/life partner Kevin Burg was as stunning and stylish as she. Take a peek….

Held at the Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan….

Designer Katie Ermilio designed and made Jamie’s incredible dress, she details the process in this post here. What a special process and what a stunning end result that I think captured Jaime’s style perfectly.

Katie’s father custom made Kevin’s tux as well (he’s a third generation bespoke suit maker).

Being fit into her dress on her wedding day.

Gotta love the Italian silk lining and perfect fit!

The flowers were by one of my favorite florists Amy Merrick who makes everything look so natural and never forced. You can see more images here.

Just so perfect!

The reception looked warm, loving and like it would have been a very good time. You can see more pictures here.

Doesn’t the picture of them cutting the cake look like it could be right out of the 1950’s? LOVE it! Photographer Kate Murphy took on the challenge of shooting the wedding for Jaime!

Those plates! Be still my heart.

Best wishes to this incredibly talented couple!

Oh, and P.S. can you even begin to deal with the amazingness of this outfit Jaime wore to the Hampton’s Classic (you MUST look through the images in her post about it– breathtaking). Totally my idol.

Scenes from a Wedding

My youngest brother got married this past weekend at my parent’s gorgeous home in Connecticut.  While the weather played with our emotions (and hair-dos) the event went off absolutely beautifully thanks to the exhaustive work by my mom and dad. Here are some snaps I took of the weekend.

The red barn/garage served as the rehearsal dinner location… and it was charming beyond words.

Mom and I worked hard last week to make it look less “garage” and more “country barn” with lanterns and oilcloth.

My mom collected vintage books that reminded her of the couple as well as vintage vases for a few bright Gerbers. Having run out of one ind of oilcoth, I decided to alternate them adding little runners of the opposite print on each to make it look purposeful!

I think we did pretty damn good.

And finally the skies cleared!

I got to practice my penmanship writing the table assisgnments on a blackboard with pint pen (chalk would not work with the threat of rain). My sister-in-law and I had to polish up our math skills to make the grid (and if you know me, that is HILARIOUS as in my brain 2+2= JELLO).

My mom has Mircale Gro in her veins. Obviously.

The front of the house (Dad’s handiwork!)

The groomsmen.

The bridesmaids (J. Crew).

The ceremony spot in the back garden.

Where we all processed.

View through to the tent.

Adorable tabletops featuring burlap, vintage mismatched pinka nd blue cloth napkins found on Etsy and wonderful potted herbs, topiaries, florals and berries.  The florist was the wonderful, amazing Sandy at Flowering Vine in Sturbridge, MA who also did my wedding almost seven years ago. SHE IS A GENIUS.

The lucky (and cute) bride and groom!

After the storm, perfect skies.

It was a great, great event.

Me and my groom. Still tired from raucous dancing (and insisting-after 4 glasses of wine- that Andrew and I do the Dirty Dancing lift. We failed. TWICE.)

Congrats Connor + Lizzie!

A Southern/ Parisian Wedding

I seriously almost dropped to the floor in a seizure yesterday when one of my e-design clients (yes, we do that–A LOT, actually) emailed me that her wedding was featured in the Southern Living Weddings available now.  We knew this couple loved Parisian style since they had their first date IN Paris (seriously, how romantic is that?) and we are using that as a jumping off point for the decor of their home.  But to see THIS really solidified the look we are going for- casual Parisian elegance with a smidge of Southern goodness.  The incredibly personal event took place at Tuckahoe Plantation in Richmond, Virginia (the groom’s family homestead-I die) and was chock full of amazing details like the fact that the bride learned to letterpress to make her own invites, her ring is a family heirloom from the groom’s family, her father married them and they drove off in a turquoise Mustang that the bride and her father spent a year restoring when she was 15. I can’t make this up, people!

Without further ado…(all photos by Katie Stoops)

Note the toile… and the insane rings.

Could not love the color of the porch ceiling more.

See- the toile on the envelope liners. Simple and perfect. Especially all those stamps!

Really loving the pink stripe ties- and the varying greys int he suits on the groomsmen. Much appreciated by them I’m sure to not have to buy/rent a suit.  And it looks good to boot!

Say WHAT?!

This is where I start flipping out…

GAH! Perfection!

Toile lined gift boxes with Parisian macarons!!!

Could they BE any cuter?


Those tin cans are covered in blue toile. Oh yes they are!

I can’t wait to show you their place once it’s done! :)