Life & FamilyApril 22, 2019

Mother’s Day Gifts with Mark & Graham

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and this year Mark & Graham asked me to partner with them to celebrate moms and I was happy to oblige. Not only do I love personalized products as gifts, I also love when they are actually REALLY useful (and beautiful) to me as a mom.  And right now everything on their site is 20% off with code “SUNSHINE”!

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Fashion FridayApril 19, 2019

Fashion Friday: Spring Neutrals

I have been on a neutral tear lately even though spring is supposed to have me craving all things bright, flowery and pastel. Well, maybe it’s because I just want dressing to be a little more effortless and easy that I keep stumbling back to my basics of white, beige, black and denim.  Paired with some woven accents ( a MUST, MUST this spring) it can look as appropriate in springtime as it does in fall or winter.

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MusingsApril 17, 2019

Our Favorite Reads of Last Year

It seems that everyone is always looking for a good book, and this morning we were discussing good books in the office and I said “Hey guys, I’m gonna make this today’s post!”- also because I’m still foggy from the stomach bug I had and did not have any other good ideas, to be honest.  So here are some titles collected from everyone in the office, which is great because our interests in literature vary by subject, of the best things we read in the past year or so. Not all the titles are new, but perhaps ones you haven’t read yet! I just finished The Perfect Nanny, which holy sh*t guys, DO NOT read if you employ a nanny, and started Educated by Tara Westover, which has been lauded by everyone.  So please share your favorites in comments so we can get a great list going!

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Designer Q&AApril 15, 2019

Designer Q&A: Tilton Fenwick

(I’m always inspired by their bold combinations of pattern and color)

Anne and Suysel from Tilton Fenwick are some of my FAVORITE people in this industry.  I met them LONG ago, and we’ve been friends ever since.  I remember going to see their work at the Hampton’s Showhouse  and thinking it was beyond genius.  I’ve been huge fans of their work ever since. We’ve used their fabrics for Duralee in our own projects and LOVE their wallpapers for Hygge & West! So here is a great Q&A with them that shares with us their fave project, places to shop and paint colors!

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FashionApril 12, 2019

Fashion Friday: I Just Wanna Be Comfy

Guys, I am BEAT from the tour and after 6 days of Spanx and dresses I am ready for some COMFINESS. But even when craving comfy, I still want to look reasonably presentable. So all I could muster today for the blog are some fave comfy-but-polished items that let you feel at…
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InteriorsApril 10, 2019

An Outdoor Planter Round Up

(these pots are from Frontagte– I have one on my back patio)  I am on the last day of my big book tour and while I am SO tired, I’m really looking forward to my Chicago events today and tonight! But itching to get home to my Henry. Spending a little time…
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InteriorsApril 8, 2019

More Images that Did Not Make It Into the Book

You can’t print EVERY image you take in a book, so I thought today I’d quickly share some of the good ones that I still think are fabulous, but did not make the cut for the book for one reason or another! All by either Michael J. Lee or Sarah Winchester, who…
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FashionApril 5, 2019

Fashion Friday: My Tour Wardrobe

You guys saw my awesome blue dress from the launch party, and I have been told by many of you that you loved seeing my tour wardrobe the first time around so here is everything I’m wearing this tour (I’ll try to show you them ON me on Instagram as I go!).  Because I have to bring things that work with multiple outfits, this wardrobe is also great for when YOU might be packing for a trip!

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