Fashion Friday: Back to School Style with Nordstrom

Hey everyone!

Before you head out for the long weekend I know some of you have kids that have started school or are going to be starting school next week, so I partnered with Nordstrom today to share some great finds for back to school for the littles!  Henry starts pre-school September (I can’t believe it) and since he’s growing like a weed, needs all new fall clothes for the most part (okay fine, I also have WAY too much fun buying clothes and shoes for him– it’s way more fun than shopping for myself right now!)   Nordstrom is where I go for a lot of his stuff, especially their great shoe selection (and you can’t beat the easy returns).


FOR BOYS: (I may or may not have bought everything on this list for Henry…. YIKES!)

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Designer Bath Panel

Hi guys- our nanny is sick today so I have about 1.5 minutes before Henry likely starts jumping off furniture in the other room or drawing on the walls, so this is going to be a quick post today!

However, I wanted to share that I will be doing a great panel at Designer Bath September 25th in which we’ll be discussing how to update your home in simple ways without major renovations.  Click here to register for this free event. Come say hi and hear from myself and other great panelists and see the gorgeous new Designer Bath showroom.

Hope to see some of you there! Ok, back to toddler wrangling!



It’s Coming! Fall Finds for the Home.

This gorgeous tree on my street is in full bloom right now with tiny crabapples (maybe?) and it made me SO excited for fall to arrive (and P.S., I am DYING to clip some branches off for a vase in my living room but alas, not on my property!)

It has me thinking all things fall… this year, I think it’s going to be all about deep hunter and chartreuse greens and some plummy and chocolate tones too.  I err on the side of greens, mixed with natural textures and tones it’s just perfection in my opinion.  Here are some great finds from retail websites that can help “fal-lify” your interior.

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The Fall Trends I Simply Cannot Get On Board With (and Those I Can)

As a person who came of age in the late 80’s and 90’s, I am having a hilariously good time CRINGING at the recent articles I’ve seen for Fall 2018 trends.  I mean, it’s BEYOND my comprehension that these styles are considered “in” right now. And yes, I can hear myself, I sound like my own mother who probably felt the exact same way when I wore all these items in the actual 90’s. But I mean, wasn’t it bad enough that it was in style once?


I mean, just a pair of acid wash high rise jeans is offensive enough. But a whole denim tuxedo situation done in this horrific 80’s material? I simply CAN NOT.

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Trend Alert: Rattan, Wicker & Wovens

This really is not breaking news in any sort of manner, but rather a reminder that texture, especially through natural materials like rattan, wicker and wovens is an essential part of making a room feel interesting and layered.  I think a lot of people associate wicker with old lady outdoor patio furniture and rattan with boho/California style only.  But you can work these materials into any kind of room- be it modern, traditional, beachy, country or anything in between.

This new collection above by Sarah Bartholomew for Pottery Barn is chock full of woven goodness!

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