FashionFebruary 22, 2019

Fashion Friday: Style Icon Lee Radziwill

As most of you know, Lee Radziwill passed away last week.  While most notably known for being Jackie O’s sister, Lee was a complete style maven in her own right- both in fashion and interior design. Her apartments, homes and outfits are such a study in not only buying and collecting what you truly love but also in classic good design.  Today I pay homage to her and create a few Lee inspired outfits.

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InteriorsFebruary 20, 2019

Freshening Up Your Home’s Basics with Nordstrom.

So, I’m about to start a major Marie Kondo-esque decluttering and organizing tear (like the rest of the internet) and while I know what I’m ready to get rid of (I’m looking at you shirts, skirts and dresses I haven’t worn in over a year and mismatched water glasses) I am starting a list of what I want to restock my closets and cabinets with. It’s sort of inspiring to be able to visualize fresh., matching, gorgeous necessities (and less of the junk)– I think it’ll motivate me to kick off this fresh start!  So today I partnered with Nordstrom and their rapidly expanding home and tabletop department, to round up some classics I want to freshen my home with.

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FashionFebruary 15, 2019

Fashion Friday: The Timeless Love of Leopard

I am sort of known for my love of leopard. And while I sometimes tire of that association, I actually truly never get SICK of it in appropriate doses, in decor and dressing. Granted my front stairs are more like a giant HEAP of leopard, when it comes to fashion, it’s such a classic staple– and currently SO SO hot. You can’t escape it, really- from rain boots to super high end designer bags, leopard print is everywhere. And certainly while it’s not for everyone, it is something that I think every AGE group can wear- from grandma to tiny toddlers! It’s a pattern that is rooted in fashion history- from Jackie O and Mrs. Robinson to today’s street style stars and celebs.  And what’s great is it is a pattern that works in so many different style iterations- from rocker to runway, hipster to prepster!

So here is an Erin-approved round up of leopard items available now. Try tying a little scarf in your ponytail or slip on a pair of loafers if feeling intimidated. And if not, top your outfit with a statement leopard coat.  Just remember- ONE leopard piece at a time please!!!! Even I can OD on the print when overdone.

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InteriorsFebruary 13, 2019

Project Reveal: A Historic South End Brownstone

I am SO excited to share this new project with you guys– finally, I can share projects as they finish! :) YAAAAAYYY!  This was SUCH a fulfilling job, as the bones of this place are just breathtaking to start with.  When given this kind of canvas, it’s hard not to create a masterpiece! The brownstones in Boston’s Back Bay/South End/ Beacon Hill are some of my favorite spaces as they are chock full of the most incredible, charming detail you just do not find in newer homes.  Just look at these ceilings!  However, we needed to adapt these formal spaces to everyday living. This young couple plans on having a family (and already has big, happy dog) so they did not want anything quite as grand as the space itself.  We started with the parlor level of the home, designing the family room and formal living room, and did a little work in the garden level kitchen and powder bath.  We hope to keep going and work on their dining room next, but I couldn’t wait to share these shots Sarah Winchester took for us!

This is the family room– a comfy but tailored sectional done in a Perennials fabric assures durability, comfort AND good looks. The gorgeous drapery was a statement maker, by our much adored workroom.  The extra wide tape trim feels perfectly balanced considering the ceilings are over 11′ high, and the custom metal rods (which were there from the previous owner which was lucky) are fitted perfectly into the gorgeous curves of the windows. The rug, believe it or not, is an indoor/outdoor from Stark that really does wear like iron but feel delightful underfoot.

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Designer Q&AFebruary 11, 2019

Designer Q&A: Sarah Scales Design

Today we have another edition of our Designer Q&A series, which highlights other designers whose work I enjoy- like fellow Boston designer Sarah Scales!  I hope this series helps those who are looking to get into the design business and those who have been in it for a while– I firmly believe we all need to look to each other for advice, inspiration and tips! :)  Leave a comment with any other designers you may want me to interview- and any specific questions you want us to add to our Q&A!

Without further ado, let me introduce you to Sarah Scales.  Sarah has had a more traditional design education and background than previous other designers I’ve interviewed, which is interesting as it takes both kinds of design knowledge to make a project work-  major technical skills and creative vision.  Some of us have one down (myself included, I couldn’t draw you a simple square in AutoCAD… I have others in my office who specialize in that skill set) and some have both, like Sarah. 

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FashionFebruary 8, 2019

Fashion Friday: My All Neutral Go-To Outfits

I have three absolutes when it comes to my wardrobe: 1) I wear jeans almost EVERY day 2) I buy mostly neutrals and 3) I LOVE me a leopard accent.  Neutral pieces in classic cuts and lines are the best items to invest good money in. A good black dress, heels and…
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InteriorsFebruary 6, 2019

Roundup: Faux Plants & Trees

Above, in this spec house we designed and staged we used faux greenery like the topiary next to the sink and the maidenhair fern in the entry! 

I have a confession: I’m a murderer. Of plants. I have killed SO many fiddle leaf fig trees I should be given a medal of some kind.  The only plant I have ever kept alive for a significant period of time is an olive topiary I bought at Brimfield three years ago. Yes, THREE YEARS. It sits next to my sink and I always remember to water it because, well, it’s next to said source of water and my coffee maker. It’s pretty hard to forget. Other than that- no matter how “easy to care for” things are, I kill them.  So I have implemented some faux greenery into my own home.  At first, it was begrudgingly, as I always prefer real and fresh greens- but it can get really expensive and tedious to replace fresh greenery constantly. Plus, cleaning out a vase of smelly old water you’ve neglected is disgusting.

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This / ThatFebruary 4, 2019

This or That: Volume 12

Since I missed my Friday Fashion post, I figured it would be a good day to do one of my This or That posts and blend both interiors and fashion. Most of us probably like fashion AND interiors equally, and would prefer items from BOTH trends found in homes, and on the runway.  But if you HAD to choose, which would you lean towards?

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